These 2 Palaces You Should Visit At Once in Your Life

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These 2 Palaces You Should Visit At Once in Your Life

Palaces Turned Into Luxury Hotels and Accommodations

The history of India is filled with the great life of the Maharajas and their extraordinary exploits. Although those days of royalty have passed long before today, the vivid remnants of their way of life remain as breathtaking palaces and heritage buildings, which have been turned into luxury hotels and accommodations.

Most Amazing Royal Palaces in India

Let us know about the most amazing royal palaces in India which offer unprecedented insight into the awe-inspiring lifestyle as well as the social and cultural aspects of royal life.

Lake Palace – Udaipur, Rajasthan

Named after Maharaja Jagat Singh II, first known as Jag Niwas, this palace is one of the four islands of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. Lake Palace is the first place visited by all tourists on Udaipur sightseeing package. Enjoy the glimpse of lake pichola in Udaipur sightseeing tour package.

Lake Palace Converted Into Luxury Hotel in 1963

  • In 1963, Maharaja Bhagwat Singh transformed Jag Niwas into the first luxury hotel of Udaipur.
  • In year 1971 they handover its management to the Taj Group of Hotels, Resorts and Palaces. The very famous James Bond film "Octopussy" was filmed in this magnificent complex.

Lake Palace is Located In The Middle Of Beautiful Lake Pichola

Built in the 18th century, the Lake Palace is located in the middle of beautiful Lake Pichola. Once used as the winter palace of the royal Mewar dynasty, this palace is today a magnificent white marble hotel, managed by the Taj group. It has 83 rooms and suites. It is considered to be one of the most romantic and royal hotels in the world.

What Taj Lake Palace offers?

With 24-hour room service, the Taj Lake Palace offers three stylish restaurants and a beautiful bar - Amrit Sagar - offering tapas and cigars along with a great selection of wines and spirits. Jharoka is the main restaurant and offers European, Asian and Indian cuisine from morning until late at night. Neil Kamal only opens during mealtimes. There is a seasonal terrace restaurant - Bhairo, which serves European cuisine.

Enjoy the Luxury at Lake Palace

In addition, there is a beautiful pool treadmill in the outdoor courtyard and a compact fitness center. Jeeva, a luxurious spa at Taj Lake Palace, offers all kind of traditional massages and beauty treatments you should experienced once. Complimentary parking is available on the shore, but note that there is only one room for 10 cars. Not only Taj Lake Palace but you can also explore more; check some places to visit in Udaipur.

Falaknuma Palace – Hyderabad, Telangana

Falaknuma Palace or Taj Falaknuma Palace is a large and magnificent palace located near Charminar. Owned by the Nizam of the princely state of Hyderabad, the Falaknuma Palace was transformed into an ultra-luxury hotel in 2010 and managed by Taj Hotels. He invites guests to experience the grandeur of Hyderabad Nizam.

City of Pearls

Falaknuma Palace is situated on a 609.6m (2,000ft) hill near the City of Pearls; the hotel is famous for its Venetian chandeliers, Roman columns, marble stairs, interior sculptures, artifacts, and exquisite furnishings. Japanese, Mughal and Rajasthan gardens add beauty to its beauty. Impressive, the palace also has a huge library, which is one of the rarer versions of the Quran, the sacred text of Islam.

Converted Into Luxury Hotel

It was built by Sir Waqar-ul-Umra and later belonged to the “Paiga family” and “the Nizam”. It is now converted into a luxury hotel and is open to the tourist and visitors.

What Taj Falaknuma Palace offers?

The property has an outdoor swimming pool and a children's pool. Other leisure facilities include a 24-hour health club. Spa services are available on site. Services include:

  • Intense Deep Tissue Massage,
  • Hot Stone Massage,
  • Sports Massage And
  • Swedish massage.
  • Many remedies including Ayurvedic are also provided.

Hyderabad with all major cities in India

Indian Airlines connects Hyderabad with all major cities in India. The nearest airport is Begumpet Airport, 5 km from Secunderabad Railway Station and 15 km from Hyderabad Old City. The nearest stations are Begumpet Station, Hyderabad Station and Secunderabad Station.

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