4947 / 5000 Hasil terjemahan The Whole Hollywood Community Grieves the Loss of Legendary Actor Christopher Plummer.

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4947 / 5000 Hasil terjemahan The Whole Hollywood Community Grieves the Loss of Legendary Actor Christopher Plummer.

The Whole Hollywood Community Grieves the Loss of Legendary Actor Christopher Plummer.

Christopher Plummer Dies, Chris Evans Until Julie Andrews Gives His Tribute

The entire Hollywood community mourns the loss of legendary actor Christopher Plummer, who died Friday morning at his home in Connecticut. The veteran actor died at the age of 91. Christoper Plummer's departure has become a profound loss, no wonder some celebrities and Hollywood figures have expressed their tribute.
The Actor's Departure Is a Deep Loss, No Wonder If Some Celebrities Express Their Tribute.

The actor's film, television and theater career spans more than half a century. He became a world star thanks to his most famous role as Captain Von Trapp in the 1965 musical "The Sound of Music". Not only that, Plummer also received popular and critical acclaim for his role in the film "Beginner", where he became the oldest actor to ever win an Academy Award.




The Oscar and Emmy Award-winning actor has also starred in several hit film titles such as "Knives Out", "All the Money in the World", "The Insider", and many more. His fellow celebrities also expressed their condolences for the actor's departure.

Chris Evans, who starred in the film with Plummer in "Knives Out", gave his tribute on his personal Twitter account. The actor "Avengers: Endgame" even said that Plummer's departure was "really heartbreaking".
What a loss. Some careers have such longevity and impact. One of my favorite memories from Knives Out is playing the piano together at the Thrombey house between arrangements. He is a kind man and a legendary talent, "he wrote on Twitter.
Julie Andrews, who also co-acted with Plummer on "The Sound of Music", also released a tribute to him. "The world has lost the perfect actor today and I have lost a friend who I love," he said.

"I cherish the memories of our collaboration and all the humor and fun we have shared over the years. My condolences go to his lovely wife Elaine, and daughter Amanda," continued Julie Andrews.

Helen Mirren who also acted alongside Plummer in the role of Tolstoy in the film "The Last Station" expressed her condolences. "He is a strong force, both as a man and as an actor," he said.

“He is an actor in the 19th century which means, his commitment to his profession. His artworks are total, theater being a constant and most important part of the totality of his drive to engage in storytelling. He is fearless, energetic, courageous, knowledgeable, professional and a monument to what an actor can become. Great Actor in a true sense, "he continued.

Not only colleagues who have collided acting with Plummer who feel lost. Ridley Scott, who directed Plummer's "All the Money in the World" also released a statement saying that the actor will be missed.

"What a man. What a talent. This is life," Scott said. "And I was fortunate enough to work with him less than two years ago and have had such an incredible experience. My heartfelt condolences go to (Plummer's wife) Elaine," he wrote.

"Knives Out" has become one of the most successful films at the box office since its release in November. The film has earned USD 130.2 million in the country and became the second highest grossing film in North America in 2019. Therefore, it's no wonder that Lionsgate is now tempted to continue the murder mystery film again.

Now the latest reports say that Lionsgate is secretly working on "Knives Out 2" and again hooked Rian Johnson to sit on the director bench. Rian Johnson is said to have started working on the script for this film and still has an element of mystery as the main theme.

The statement was made by the CEO of Lionsgate, Jon Feltheimer. He hinted that the initial stages of sequel production were imminent.

Later, this sequel will not return to featuring the cast members involved in "Knives Out", except for Daniel Craig who will return to be detective Benoit Blanc. Later, this sequel will focus on other cases that will be solved by the detective.
"It would be great to be working with Daniel again in another Benoit Blanc mystery, with a new cast and a new location. Like Christie did with Poirot (Agatha Christie's fictional detective character)," said Rian Johnson.
"Knives Out" itself tells of a serial murder mystery case where a couple of detectives try to solve the case. Rian Johnson deliberately wanted to pay tribute to the author of his favorite mystery story, Agatha Christie, through his work.

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