What are the Pros and Cons of Tower Air Coolers?

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Publish Date : 2021-04-27 13:14:26
What are the Pros and Cons of Tower Air Coolers?

With the soaring temperature this summer, it has become increasingly difficult to stay relaxed and calm.  Although most of you will agree that all we need at the moment is an air conditioner, there are still several households that want to stick to air coolers. 


You may wonder if they are even thinking straight but the truth is that they have reasons to stand by their belief. Air coolers offer a host of reasons that allow these household members to choose this type of cooling unit over air conditioners. Not only are air coolers environment friendly, but they are low-priced and more economical when compared to typical air conditioners.


If you have always ever wanted an air cooler that offers unmatched efficiency alongside performance consistently over some time, then a vguard air cooler is for you. If you have not heard of what a vguard air cooler is, fret not; we will explain.


  • Equipped with an advanced ice chamber that enables enhanced cooling, a vguard air cooler offers best-in-class air deliveries among all other brands of air coolers currently available in India. 

  • Some of its notable features include an auto-fill float valve and water level indicator. The cooler is stylish and designed with a body that is aerodynamically balanced and assures sturdiness and stability. As a result, the product is highly durable. 

  • Designed to work under wide voltage ranges (160V ~ 270V) on extreme input voltage conditions in both rural and urban areas, the cooler is equipped with a unique flow water distribution system that assures proper wetting of cooling pads. 

  • Vguard air coolers offer enhanced protection to both the main motor and the pump motor. It safeguards against extreme conditions and severe malfunctioning.


Key Features of Vguard air coolers


• Aerodynamically balanced body

• Enhanced protection for main motor & pump

• Antifungal cellulose and honeycomb-like cooling parts

• Unidrip flow water distribution channel

• Ice chamber that enables enhanced cooling

• Corrosion-resistant fan blades

• Freewheeling castors that have a brake wheel provision for two front wheels

• Top-notch air delivery

• Two-year warranty on motor and pump

• Tetra airflow cooling facility

• Wide voltage working range 

• Also functional on inverters

• Auto-fill float valve

• Comes with a water level indicator


Advantages and disadvantages of tower air coolers


Because tower coolers are at ground level, it takes less time to reap their benefits compared to the wall-mounted units. These appliances are particularly useful when installed in inside spaces, which lack sufficient wall space for air conditioning units. These may also be useful for buildings constructed with fragile materials like glass.


Furthermore, tower coolers can appear to be more discreet than wall-mounted alternatives. Thereby, it minimizes a room’s aesthetic appeal.


One of the main issues associated with these floor-mounted air cooling units is that their airflow can easily be compromised by any kind of obstacle on the floor, like furniture and other electrical appliances. As a result, the cool air may not be distributed evenly all across the room. So, those who stay closest to the unit will experience a better cooling effect, depriving those away from it.


If the floor-mounted air cooler variety is unable to provide relief on a very hot day, its usefulness is prone to be questioned.


Which type of air cooling unit is ideal?

The best interior environment in which you must use a tower air cooler is the one with minimal obstructions. Also, in cases where installing a wall-mounting air cooling unit is not possible, and tower coolers are the only available option, then go for this variant.


However, if you have wall space available, we recommend using a wall-mounted air cooling unit because they provide a more evenly distributed cool air. This is most suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.

Most brands offer standard products like Vguard air coolers. The other advantage is that they supply, install as well as maintain wall and floor mounted air-cooling units across sectors, including the hospitals, retail institutions, restaurants, Airports, Offices and residential buildings. 


Concluding Thoughts

Our experience in the cooling industry indicates that we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you find the ideal solution for your needs and wants. As accredited and verified suppliers of cooling units from a host of leading manufacturers, you can rest be assured that you will be getting the highest quality cooling equipment.

If there is any problem with your tower cooler, you can always reach out to us. For further information about the tower air cooler, visit Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Here you will be able to pick air coolers at a low cost. For customers possessing Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, facilities like same-day delivery and No Cost EMI on zero down payment are available.

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