Trends To Revolutionize Software Testing

Author : Anand
Publish Date : 2021-05-10 13:04:12
Trends To Revolutionize Software Testing

 The year 2020 could have been generally chaotic, but showed us that technology could sometimes be the definitive solution for our problems. However, with the year behind us now, we must learn from our digital experiences and move towards 2021. The obvious aggressive continent of digital transformation has led to the need for better QA tendencies. 

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Some fundamental needs that are defining automated software test trends today are:


  • Greater awareness that results in greater participation as the approach changes from "what to prove" "how" and "why".
  • If exposed suddenly to new use cases to use any test tool available to judge the design and functionality of a software, the year 2020 has taught us the importance of exploratory tests, based on risks and automated and this will form the basis of software tests in 2021
  • Focus on improving performance techniques and loading tests.
  • Safety tests will remain a priority.
  • With digital transformation that increases its coverage, ensuring the accessibility of the application becomes primordial.
  • An unprecedented increase in the creation of native applications improves the need for a good test strategy exclusively for these applications
  • Applications dealing with virtual conferences and satisfactions need to add advanced features and dimensions to facilitate virtual interactions without problems.


Consequently, modern test solutions are changing. They are revolutionizing and evolving. Quality control has become much more than just finding errors and mistakes. Nowadays, it is a complex technical process involved in:


  • Product Idea Evaluation
  • Behavior predictions
  • Analysis of threat and opportunity, etc.


Therefore, while well-known proof methods continue to form the cornerstone of software tests, certain new trends are configured to redefine the concept of software tests by 2021. Include:

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1. Agil and Devops

Agile is a software development approach that emphasizes the need for team collaboration, continuous planning and learning that lead to incremental delivery. Therefore, for Agile, software tests are an integral and inevitable part of SDLC.

DevOps seeks to shorten the SDLC and enable the management of end-to-end processes by combining two key verticles of dev or development and operations. In deleting the limits between development, operations and testing, it is:


  • Increase the speed of deployment
  • Short downtime for the market.
  • Promote better Roi


Therefore, when adopted, these processes help to shorten SDLC and allow the release of qualitatively higher applications. These are not relatively new, but the adoption of these practices to adapt to current times, will undoubtedly be a software test trend that is worth observing.

2. Qaops

This has started trend very recently. It combines QA techniques with IT or OPS operations to guarantee incremental delivery without compromising the quality of the application. The QaOPS core deals with the integration of quality control techniques into the CI / CD pipe to allow a better communication and collaboration between team members. The key benefits of this ideology include:


  • The development of a superlative product.
  • Greater capacity to meet deadlines.
  • Quick addition of new features, etc.


The new thought processes are also considering the possibility of integrating Qaops with DEVOPS. This will effectively combine the continuous tests with CI / CD. The resulting benefits would be an accelerated timeline of the product for the market and the detection of rapid errors.

3. AI and ml

The potential of AI and ML have not yet been fully realized. Therefore, the trend of incorporating AI and ML to automate business processes will continue in 2021. Statistical predictions when putting the popularity of these in absolute terms affirm that:

AI is to grow in a CAG of 36.6% of 21.5 billion dollars in 2018 to 190.6 billion dollars by 2026

The ML market is scheduled to grow in a 44.1% CAG of 1.03 billion dollars in 2016 to 8.81 billion dollars in 2022.

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4. Automation of tests without scripts.

Nowadays, different types of applications are being developed and released with a growing speed. This means that the testers must continue to learn the new and complicated programming languages ​​whenever it is required. It is a slow and frustrating experience. However, the automation of tests without script prevents the testers from spending extensive hours in programming.

When using the test tools without scripts, the testers can automate robust and reusable tests by incorporating ALI / ml algorithms within a self-accordance mechanism. Nowadays, the automation of tests without script is becoming increasingly supported as a very prominent software test trend due to this process:


  • It's easy to use
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance by requiring less time and effort.
  • It helps fill the technical level gaps.
  • Give rapid results


5. Large and IoT data tests.

This crucial software trend will positively impact various industrial sectors by allowing them:


  • Validate information
  • Improve market orientation
  • Make data-driven marketing decisions
  • Form results-oriented strategies


Nowadays, large data is used rampantly between industries such as finance, medical care, retail, media, banking, telecommunications, etc.

Big Data deals with the data generated from different sources in huge volumes at a very high speed. Since it can not be tested using traditional methods, there will be a higher demand for functional quality, performance and data tests in 2021. In addition, an increase in the applications enabled with IoT has resulted in the improved generation and the accumulation of various data In large volumes.

The complexities associated with the growth of the IOT network pose a great challenge for the QA market. The combinations must now be tested in innumerable different devices, OS, platforms, protocols, etc., therefore, the year 2021 will see a higher demand for functional tests, usability, safety, performance and compatibility.

6. Security tests

Technology grew at Breakneck's speed in last year and it is expected to increase in the current year. As a result, enormous amounts of data will be generated. While part of it could be intrascendent, most would be critical and prone to hack and manipulating. The tests of compliance with cyber security and security will continue to obtain priority in the year 2021 to ensure that:


  • Data violations, code errors and leakage can be prevented.
  • You have the opportunity to blink your weaknesses and vulnerabilities before the bad ones are the bad guys.
  • You are better prepared to deal with downtime when it happens, etc.


Performing regular penetration tests is good to build a good reputation. It also strengthens trust between customers, customers and organizations.

7. Transfer of the left

Many people have been defending the change tests to the left in recent times. The pandemic accelerated its implementation by exposing the vulnerabilities of the application when it was forced to work under stress and coercion. The proof of change to the left is an approach that advocates by performing early in the SDLC and allowing all of its own quality in its spheres of influence.

Traditionally, in a SDLC workflow, the requirements occupy the left side while testing and delivery the right side. This proved to be the time it takes a long time, it resulted in scaled costs and delayed error detection. The implementation of the change approach to the left helped quality, development and products to collaborate and work proactively in strict coordination A:


  • Judge the viability of written software codes
  • Ensure its proper development and free of errors.
  • Organizations benefit from this approach, as it allows them to offer quality products within reduced timelines.


8. Test Automation

Scripture is very clear. Continuous delivery is impossible without automated software tests. Adopting the agile approach has allowed the faster detection of errors and defects. Therefore, the automation of the test increases the efficiency of the QA and plays a vital role in the implementation of Agile, DEVOPS and CI / CD. 

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