SEO for an online store: how we recouped costs 8 times

Author : Beth Harmon
Publish Date : 2021-05-22 10:19:22
SEO for an online store: how we recouped costs 8 times

We started at the stage of website design

We started to climb up the search results and get conversions right after the release of the site. Because they laid the foundation for SEO during design and development.

We made the structure We focused on user friendliness and relevance to search queries. To do this, we looked at the frequency of different requests and divided them into clusters - we created categories and subcategories on the site for different clusters of requests.


We took into account usability and commercial factors

The position in the search results is also influenced by how easy it is to place an order on the site. This is determined by commercial ranking factors: prices, contact details, feedback forms, the number and characteristics of products. We made sure that all these factors were taken into account in the design.


Optimized loading speed

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights has as many as six page speed characteristics. We measured them and regulated them by the developers. Based on these characteristics, the search engine puts an overall speed rating, which affects the site's position in ranking.

As a result, after the launch of the site, the number of conversions from the SEO channel increased almost 10 times. At the same time, 2 months after the launch, we stopped working.


Correcting errors

We continued our SEO work 6 months after the site was released. We started by eliminating errors that were identified as part of a technical audit and using Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console, as well as specialized services: Screaming Frog, Netpeak Spider. And we do it all the time.

Broken links, pages with long loading times or changes in indexing lowered the site's position in search engines. We regularly monitor all this so as not to sag in the search results and not fall under the sanctions of Yandex or Google.


Optimized text and meta tags

Meta tags have been optimized on all pages. We made attractive snippets *: they look neat in comparison to neighboring ads and communicate the benefits of the product.


Implemented tag pages

We create additional pages that are then shown in the search results. They contain products from one category under a specific tag. This is how users get from the search results to a more relevant result on the site.

For example, in the category "Children's beds" there is a tag "single tier". If the user is looking for single-tier beds, the search engine will give him a page with all children's beds with the tag "single-tier". This way, the person is more likely to find the right product and buy it.

The launch of tagged pages has led to an increase in non-branded traffic. More people came to the site looking for specific furniture.


Analyzing the results

To see an increase or decrease in the effectiveness of promotion, we have customized reports in analytics systems. For example, we introduced several segments in Yandex.Metrica in order to track and compare different sources of traffic: by furniture categories, types of customers or queries in search engines.

We analyze all segments: we evaluate the quality of traffic and its characteristics. We look at which requests visitors go from and which pages they go to later, what percentage of refusals for different categories.


The final result

The ROMI of the channel was 766%. This means that we have recouped the costs of SEO more than 8 times. The number of conversions has increased 19 times over the entire period of work, while the expense is 6 times lower than for advertising promotion.


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