Know the Manner to stop auto Subscription

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Know the Manner to stop auto Subscription

Perhaps the Norton products you use no longer meet your security needs, or there is a different product that best suits your requirements. You want to try, you must first cancel the automatic renewal of your current Norton subscription, or you will be charged automatically.

When you buy a security product, you will see that you make a deal with the seller that allows you to enjoy the security features that they provide for a specific period in exchange for the amount you paid. This means that when the specified period expires, you have to purchase the subscription again, or else the security of your computer will be removed.


What is Norton auto-renew?


To facilitate the buyback process, Norton and other cybersecurity suppliers offer an automatic product renewal feature.

This means that you will be billed automatically using the payment information you provided when you made your first purchase and continue to enjoy Norton services without hindrance.


But there is a problem, what if you no longer want to renew your Norton subscription? The answer is simple, you only need to Norton cancel subscription, and the process is simple.

Easy steps to cancel Norton annual auto-renew

● Open the web browser and go to the Norton Security home page.

● Here in the upper right corner of the screen, you will find the option to log in. Click on it.

● You will be taken to the Norton account sign-in window.

● Enter your Norton sign-in information, your email address, and the password you used when creating your Norton account.

Ensure that you use the same Norton account to purchase the Norton product you are using and cancel the corresponding auto-renew feature.

● Upon successful sign-in to Norton, the accounts are moved to the subscription tab.

● You will see a list of Norton products that you have a subscription to or Norton products that you have purchased and are currently using.

Next to each product, you will see a toggle button that allows you to enable or disable the auto-renew feature for that product.

● Simply click the button next to the Norton product that you no longer wish to renew, and the button will go to "Off" to cancel Norotn's auto-renew feature for that product.


How to cancel Norton auto-renewal billed


Unfortunately, it's very difficult to automatically request a refund once you are charged a Norton renewal fee, but what's the harm in trying? In addition, Norton offers some ways to get money back from Norton for automatic product renewal if you decide that you no longer want services for that product.


Of course, it all depends on Norton's policies and terms of use, and if you meet the criteria set forth by Norton, you may be eligible to request a refund from Norton.

The best way is to contact Norton Customer Service and explain your status in detail. There isn't a policy violation on your part that might lead to your being excluded for a refund or any Norton-related issue such as Norton setup, Download, installation, and sign-in issue.

The easiest way to avoid unwanted automatic renewal is to simply withdraw. Symantec has made this inconvenient enough that many people don't, but it's not that hard to do.

To unsubscribe, visit and log in with the email address you used for the original purchase session and the password you were asked to set when making the purchase.

Once logged in, click on the Renewal Center link at the top of the page and cancel the automatic renewals of the required products.


What is the easiest way to cancel a postpaid auto-renew?


Unfortunately, cancellation is more difficult than the automatic renewal process. Fortunately, this can be done with the right information.

This is what you will need:

The first six digits of your credit card number are used for renewal (if you have multiple cards in your bank account, you must have the card you used to purchase initially)

• The last four numbers of the same card

• The name on the card

• Expiration date

The email address associated with your Norton account (your login name)

Your order number (in case you are trying to cancel an unintended purchase)

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