However, until a year ago we did not think that we would

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However, until a year ago we did not think that we would

e all know that Zack Snyder's plans for the DCU went awry after the critical failure of 'Batman V. Superman' and the suicide of his daughter Autumn, which caused him to abandon the shoot. A moment that Warner, without confidence in his vision, took the opportunity to try to change the dark tone of the film through Joss Whedon. Now his Snyder's Cut has come to do justice and is dedicated to his deceased daughter. However, for many it is too late to follow the plan outlined by Snyder, since the rest of the productions have taken other paths.

'Justice League 2' was planned by Snyder himself and the success of the new cut could revive it. In fact, the multiple open endings of this new version point to it, although we fear that these are dead ends. The sequel was never officially canceled, but it is absent from any calendar and planning. But now it seems that Snyderverse fans are in the majority over DCU fans so the tables could turn again.

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In January 2021, Zack Snyder told Comic Book that he "has no plans" to continue even though his initial idea was to make more films, specifically two. Still, he left the door to hope open with a: "But, like I said, I didn't think I'd be here so who knows?"

Speaking to the New York Times, Snyder once again responded to the film's open ending as a way to regain his original vision, which did have continuity, but not because it will now, adding that he is not planning more films and this is the last one with the DCU.

However, until a year ago we did not think that we would never see the new version of 'Justice League' that is exciting fans around the world. The multiverse that DC raises could perfectly justify that there was a line of individual films such as Todd Phillips '' Joker ', James Gunn's' Suicide Squad 'or Matt Reeves' next 'The Batman', coexisting with Snyder's framework.

There are many possibilities, although all slim. Here's what we know about a possible sequel to Zack Snyder's "Justice League."

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'Justice League 2' What was Zack Snyder's original plan?

In the new version of 'Justice League' the heroes defeat Steppenwolf after turning back time but there continues the great evil, Darkseid. He promises to come to earth and put the Anti-Life equation in your hands. Then we see more of what these mean in the so-called Knightmare (the apocalyptic future first seen in 'Batman V. Superman'). When Ben Affleck's character awakens from the vision, he meets Martian Manhunter, who promises to help him in the future war.

Snyder's original plan looks a lot like the story arc between 'Infinity War' and 'Endgame'. The heroes are defeated only to be brought back in an epic joint battle thanks to various time travels. Snyder described to the New York Times that his plan was accomplished in two sequels:

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It is the fall of the Earth, when Superman succumbs to Anti-Life. And then he sends Flash to the past to change an item so that doesn't happen. And then the great battle in which we defeated him. When Darkseid arrives on Earth, in the movie you'll never see, Earth's armies unite again, just like they did before. This time there would be aircraft carriers and Special Forces men, all the armies of the world would unite, as well as the Atlanteans coming out of the ocean and the Amazons from their island. That was our grand finale idea.

In that ending there would even be a son of Superman and Lois Lane turned into the future Batman. However, we already know how this is, if Snyder has told the outcome with hair and signs it is that there is no possibility of it being carried out. And, if he had them, with the ending already published, he would cease to have them.
'Justice League 2' or Reboot?

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According to Digital Spy, the most likely option for there to be another 'Justice League' movie is a reboot similar to what has happened with 'The Suicice Squad' that links and coherence to an official 'The League of Justice'. Something that would fit more with the shared universe than a sequel to, or a movie that everyone hates, or a television remake full of plots and discarded paths that lead to too many sides.


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