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As per a study conducted by BDO, the top risk faced by telecom executives is increased competition. With the increase in competitiveness, the rise of top communication apps like SMS, VoIP, and WhatsApp, telecoms cannot differentiate themselves solely on the basics of operations and infrastructure. The digitalization of industries depends upon the telecom industry that provides critical infrastructure, VAS IT solutions, and productivity improvements. 

It is essential for telecom industries to undergo a digital transformation if they want to survive the fourth industrial revolution. One way to do this is - implementing mobile VAS for

  1. To generate new revenue streams for increased profits.

  2. To enhance the customer experience. 


According to the world research forum, four digital themes will have the most significant impact on telecom industries:

1. Future networks:

The physical hardware layer minus the virtualization can change the foundation.


2. Digital workforce for innovation:

Most telecom companies have been slow to embrace change. But with design and new technologies, it has become critical to fill the capability gap.


3. Beyond the network:

Due to an increase in digital transformation, there will be more opportunities for telecoms to move beyond.


4. Changing customer engagement:

To set themselves apart, telecom companies will need something more sustainable. 

After examining the four digital themes that the telecom industry should address, we should now see how VAS is a solution for two out of them.


VAS - Beyond the network: 

Value-Added Services are add-on products and services provided by telecommunication company providers like phones or other carrier services. It benefits both customers and telecoms. VAS can upthrust telecommunications into something extraordinary. Telecoms can offer extra services above their core functions, and VAS provides comfort to the customers saving their time and effort. Some example of mobile VAS services for telecoms:

1. Bulk SMS: to broadcast hundreds of messages in one click.

2. USSD: to provide self-help services like data pop-ups.

3. GPS navigation: to find stores or services near customers.

So, to increase or maintain profit and create a differentiating factor, the company no longer remains in the infrastructure and network frame. VAS IT solutions are beneficial for business and suitable for consumers who benefit from reduced price and convenience. 


How can VAS help telcos to generate new revenue streams?

Most telecommunication companies have started embracing others and sometimes unconventional revenue streams to stay in business to survive. To stay in business, companies need to understand how to use the following to generate new income streams. 

1. Privacy and security

2.Value-added services

3. Data assets

4. Cloud and AI technologies

5. Strategic partnership 

Strategically partnerships with tech-savvy and data-rich companies can help telecom companies embrace new technologies like AI to maximize their profit. 



Due to the increase in pressure from the competition, new technology and innovation telcos face many problems. In this pressure, telecoms should focus on the most impact area beyond the network and improved customer engagement. VAS IT solutions assist in remodelling business beyond infrastructure as well as customer experience. 

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