How To Play Zero Latency Zombie Games

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How To Play Zero Latency Zombie Games

If you have played any online games then you probably played Zero Latency Zombie Survival. This is a zombie survival game and it is highly addictive. I started playing it yesterday and have already lost my lunch meat and soup due to hunger. But don't worry! The Zero Latency Zombie Survival Guide will help you survive in this game as well as the other zombies that might show up click here to know more

Zero Latency Zombies Survival 

Zero Latency Zombie Survival Guide was created by a gamer named Gabriel. He has created this zombie survival guide because he wanted to help people who don't know the tricks to survive as well as the zombies. As you might guess, zombies are the main objective of the game. You get to see them running around the screen as you kill them.

Zombies Games

To make things worse, they seem to be coming back faster than ever. That's why most gamers agree that zombies can really add a thrill to the game. However, with the lack of information about them, most gamers don't know how to beat them. So, if you want to dominate these zombies then you better read this article.


The first thing that you need to do is find the source of the zombies. After that, you need to use a device called the 'Zoom'. The zoom serves as the flashlight that you see in the game. After using the flashlight, you can start looking for their source.

Killing Zombies 

However, before you can start killing off zombies in the game, you need to find a way to stop them from spawning. You can do so by putting up a barrier of energy. The more energy you have, the easier it will be for them to stop. After creating the barrier, just place some trash cans around your home. Then, go inside and light them up. After that, go outside and set up another barrier of energy.

Zombies Virus

Now, you need to go inside and start killing off zombies. Since you have a lot of energy, it won't be long until you find all the zombies. Once you have done this, just stay back and let the last one die. Once you kill the last one, the energy will deplete and you will start collecting brains. Once you collect enough brains, you will be able to activate the virus and make your own army of the dead.

Playing Games Carefully

However, you have to be very careful in playing this game because once you activate the virus in the middle of an active server, you might find yourself on the losing end. This happens because there are many people that are using the server at the same time. They are basically using each other's brains to do their bidding. As a result, your brain will be eaten alive.


Therefore, you have to be very careful when you play this game. Just use your head and make smart moves. Also, if you find yourself getting hungry, you can always have a smoke. Smokers are considered the lowest form of food in Zombieland so don't let yourself get one. Eat brains to stay healthy in this exciting game.

Real Games

If you have finally reached level 35, you will notice that you will be asked to do a mission. This is actually where the real game begins. You need to find the lost boy named Teddy. He somehow managed to get lost in a construction site and you will have to locate him and save him before the zombies find and eat him.

Zombies In Games

The first thing you need to do in this part of the game is to use Binoculars. You should look for large groups of Zombies, so you can identify them easily. Once you have identified the group, throw the Binoculars at them. If you successfully transmitted the image of a human being, you should run away from the area. If you failed, try again.

Zombies Attack

After successfully identifying and locating a group of Zombies, you should move slowly and carefully. When you are about ten meters away from the group of Zombies, a group of them will attack you. It is best to use cover since you will be surrounded by dangerous Zombies that can harm you. If you do not want to get killed, you better run away. At about three meters, another group of Zombies will attack you.

Final Words

Your goal in this stage is to find the lost Teddy. You will need to help him by using some Items found on the map. Once you find the item that Teddy uses, you should give him a hug. You can also help him find his way by following a trail of blood leading from where he was hiding. Zero latency zombie games require more effort than regular versions. But still, you will succeed in finding the item used by Teddy.

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How To Play Zero Latency Zombie Games

How To Play Zero Latency Zombie Games

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