How to keep your computer security up to date?

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How to keep your computer security up to date?

You should take care of your device. Today people store all the crucial data on the system. Many of us use computers for online banking, shopping, data transfer, etc. If you want to keep the system secure then you have to take various measures. Users must use a good antivirus that can protect the device from all threats. Along with security software; you have to check for OS updates.


Updating Operating System in Windows 10


New updates are the security patch of the OS. Whenever a new threat appears to the system; Windows provides a new update that can protect the system from the threat. Users must install the new update for keeping the device secure. Whenever the update for Windows is available; you will get the notification.

  1. Open the settings menu
  2. Hit the Update and Security page
  3. Click on the Update button

The latest update will get installed. After installing; restart your Windows 10 device for applying the updates.


Updating security software on the system


Using security software on the computer helps to enhance the protection. A security program like Norton antivirus offers all the top security tools to the system. But the security software also requires regular updates. Updates provide information about the new threats. Antivirus detects new viruses on the system only when its interface is updated. Norton Antivirus Live Update provides regular updates to the antivirus when available. This tool takes care of your antivirus. It ensures that your antivirus is always running on the latest update and providing the best security to your device.


Errors in updating security software


Updating the OS and security software is very necessary. When you face any error while updating it then check for all possible methods for fixing it. Your security software can get into updating issues due to numerous reasons.


Check the free space on hard-drive


Update installation needs free space on the system. When your antivirus or Operating system shows the update installation error then go to the system and check the free disk space. If the free space is very low then try to increase it. You can add the hard disk or can delete some files and programs from the system. Go to the device and check all the installed programs and files. The driver often fills with large files like movies, games, etc. You can delete those unnecessary files from the system for increasing the space. After increasing the space; restart the device and retry to install the new update.


Check for a stable connection


The update will install on the system only in a stable connection. People sometimes try to install the update on unstable connections and fail. On an unstable internet; the install gets corrupted. When the connection is not stable; search for a smooth connection. Now reinstall the update to keep the system secure.


Uninstall another antivirus


If your antivirus is not updating then check for another security program. Users can get into antivirus update issues when they have installed multiple security software on the system. You have uninstalled other security programs. Installing multiple antivirus programs won’t increase the security level but can start conflicting with each other. Users should keep only one antivirus on the system. Open the programs folder and check the list of installed programs. If you see any other antivirus then remove it. After uninstalling it; restart your device and then again try to install the antivirus update.


Repair the system files


Issues on system files can lead to OS update or antivirus update error. You have to repair the system files for fixing all the update-related errors. You should run the system file checker for repairing the files. If you edit the file wrong; it can lead to other error codes. But when you use the repair tool; it automatically repairs all the corrupted system files. After repairing the files; retry to update your antivirus or OS.


Remove the junk files


Many times, updating error appears when the junk files of the computer interrupt the process. You should delete the junk files before updating the program. When your update is showing an error; check the junk files. Delete the temp files from the computer. Run the cleanmgr and it will remove all your junk files. If the updating error is occurring due to the corrupted files then reinstall the antivirus set up on the system.

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