How to get back auto-renewal refund?

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How to get back auto-renewal refund?

Auto-renewal is a service where your license gets renewed automatically before the expiry date. When you are using a licensed program on the system; it needs renewal. The user gets the license of a program and uses the tools on his system. Some programs offer a yearly license whereas many have a monthly license. When you use the auto-renewal service on your program; the license gets renewed automatically. The payment will appear on your account which you have provided while purchasing the program. If you want to get the program renewed automatically before the expiry date then you should get the auto-renewal service. Whereas, if you want to renew the plan manually then disable the auto-renewal service. Sometimes the user forgets to cancel the auto-renewal service of the program and the license gets auto-renewed. If the user doesn't want to use the program anymore then he can cancel the auto-renewed plan. After cancelling the license, he can get a refund.


Cancelling auto-renewed license and ask for a refund


When the user forgets to disable his auto-renewal mode and the license gets renewed then the user can cancel it easily. After cancellation; he can easily contact the technical team for a refund. When your license gets auto-renewed; you will get the email. If you want to cancel it then check for the refund policy. The auto-renewal refund policy is not available in most of the monthly license plans. But if you are using a yearly plan then it usually has a refund policy. Go to the program and then check the auto-renewal cancellation and refund policy. If your program provides the refund then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the program on your device
  2. Tap on the Account page
  3. Go to your subscription window
  4. Check the new license
  5. Hit on the cancel button
  6. You will get the confirmation wizard on your screen

Click on the confirm button to cancel the auto-renewed plan

After cancelling the plan, you have to go for a McAfee refund request. Contact the team for a refund and provide them with your license details. After checking the details, the user will get a refund on his account. After cancelling the license, you won’t be able to use the new plan. You can use your current license until the expiry date.


Disable Auto-renewal service on your program


For preventing the auto-renewal on your program; you should cancel it. Disabling the auto-renewal ensures that your license won’t renew automatically. If the user didn’t renew it, the plan will expire. Users can’t use the program once their license gets expired. You can disable the auto-renewal feature of the program from the subscription page.

  1. Click on the program’s icon and go to the dashboard
  2. Tap on the My Account tab
  3. Click on your subscription page
  4. You will see the auto-renewal switch
  5. Toggle the switch to disable
  6. A confirmation page will be displayed
  7. Hit on the Yes button

Your auto-renewal feature gets disabled and you will see the changes on your subscription window. Now, users can see the date of the license expiry. Some people think that they can’t use the current program after disabling the auto-renewal. If you disable the auto-renewal, your plan won’t get renewed automatically for the next time but you can use the current plan until the expiry date.


Renew your program using manual steps


When you disable the auto-renewal or your program doesn't have the auto-renewal mode then you can renew the program manually. Users can renew their license before or after the license expires. Once the current subscription expires then you can renew it easily and continue the service. Users can also renew their program before the expiry date. Renewing the program before expiry will provide you with continuous service. If the user renews his program before the expiry then the remaining days of this active license will be added to the new one. When your license is about to expire, you will get notifications. When you see the expiry notification then you can renew the license to prevent expiry.

  1. Open the dashboard of your program
  2. Click on the subscription button
  3. You will see your current subscription
  4. Check the remaining days on the subscription
  5. Tap on the renew button
  6. You will get the renewal page on the web browser

Now fill in the renewal details and tap on the confirm button. After renewing the license of your program, you can use the features of your program reliably on the device.

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