How to cancel an automatic renewing subscription?

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How to cancel an automatic renewing subscription?

When the user plan gets auto-renewed and you don’t require the program on the system then you can cancel it. Auto-renewal is a good feature for preventing program expiry. Once you enable the auto-renewal service then you can use the program without expiry and the renewal fee will appear on the bank account you have provided while purchasing the setup. Many programs have yearly renewal plans. When the program is about to expire; the auto-renewal renews it before the date. But many times, users didn’t want to renew the plan. If the plan gets renewed then he should ask for a full refund. But the refund policy is not available in all the plans. If you are using the monthly subscription plan then getting a refund is difficult as very few monthly plans are a refund policy. Whereas the yearly plans mostly offer auto-renewal to the users.


Cancelling automatic renewal of your subscription

When your auto-renewal is enabled but you don’t want the plan to get auto-renewed then cancel it. The auto-renewal feature is not available on all plans. When you have purchased the program on any special offer or discount then you won’t have the auto-renewal feature as those programs are for a limited time. But when you purchase the program on regular basis then it may have auto-renewal. If you don’t like the auto-renewal service then check the subscription window. If the service is On then it for preventing auto-renewal.

  1. Go to the web browser
  2. Open the program’s website
  3. You have to provide a username and password to login the account
  4. Go to My Profile
  5. Click on the subscription window
  6. Tap on Auto-Renewal
  7. If the button in On then toggle it to Off
  8. You will get the warning message
  9. Choose Confirm button

Once you cancel the auto-renewal feature on the program; the subscription page will change. The auto-renewal will be disabled and the expiry date will appear. Now you can see the left days on the active license. After disabling auto-renewal, your plan won't be renewed automatically.


Cancel auto-renewed plan and asking for a refund


Many times you forget to cancel their auto-renewal. The plan gets auto-renewed and then the user finds it. If your plan gets auto-renewed, seek a refund. You should immediately check the policy and the refund is available then cancel the auto-renewed plan. After cancelling it you can ask the technical team to cancel Norton subscription refund. You will get the refund for auto-renewal when you cancel it within 15 days of renewal.

  1. Open the programs’ account page on a web browser
  2. Type the username and password
  3. Open the My Account Page
  4. Tap the Subscription window
  5. You will see the licenses on your subscription
  6. Tap on the new license and hit on the Cancel button
  7. Select Confirm cancellation button

Now your new license will get cancelled. Tap on the refund button and fill in the refund details. Select the confirm button and you will receive the refund on the provided account within few days. After cancelling a new subscription; the user can access his program until the days remaining on the current license. It shows the expiry date on the subscription window. Once the license expires, you can remove the program from the system or renew it manually if needed.


Renewing program using manual steps


Once the cancel the auto-renewal then you will start getting the license expiry notification. If you don’t want to renew the subscription then you can easily mute the notifications and use the program till expiry. But if you want to continue the service then you can renew it using the manual steps.

  1. Go to the program
  2. Click on your subscription window
  3. You will see Renew button next to the expiry date
  4. Hit on the Renew option
  5. A new license renew page will be displayed
  6. Choose the renew option

Now the user has to fill in payment details for renewal. After that, click on renew button and wait for completing it. You will get the renewal confirmation page on the screen. Again, go to subscription and you can check whether the license gets renewed or not. Some programs like antivirus are also available on CD. If you have purchased the CD for renewal then you don’t have to install the setup again. You can easily use the key you have received with CD for renewal.

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