Do you know what your kids are doing on the Internet?

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Publish Date : 2021-05-25 05:15:43
Do you know what your kids are doing on the Internet?

We will help you get to know the most popular social networks among teenagers.

Most likely, VKontakte is the site where your children spend most of their time on the Internet. The story  about the so-called Death Groups, which called on teenagers to commit suicide, managed to subside , but there are other potential dangers that can overtake people on the Internet.

The world of social networks is not limited to VKontakte, there are other products that are extremely popular among young people. In this era every PC should have antvirus software According to statistics, 7 out of 10 teenagers use two or more services for communication and new acquaintances. We present you a list of the most popular ones at the moment.

Facebook  can be attributed to the pioneers of social networks on a par with MySpace. According to the current rules, teenagers who have reached the age of 13 can create their own account. The network allows you not only to view a huge variety of entertainment content, but also to join communities, communicate and learn relevant information. More and more people are getting the latest news directly from Facebook.

Potential Danger:  Attackers may impersonate peers and engage in bad interactions with your children. Explain to your children the potential threats posed by overly confidential communication with strangers, and encourage them to never share personal information with strangers, such as their home address or mobile phone number. Also, very often there is such a negative phenomenon as cyberbullying (or cyberbullying ), which can be effectively dealt with by the following measures , which we wrote about earlier.

Periscope  is an application for conducting and viewing live video broadcasts from the Twitter company. It is one of the fastest growing services used by celebrities and journalists alike. It makes it possible not only to see the video from the scene one of the first, ask a question and get first-hand feedback, but also to conduct their own live broadcasts, which can be seen by anyone. By default, the video is stored for only 24 hours, but the author can either delete it immediately, or leave it in the feed for a longer period.

Potential danger: the   misconception that if you delete a live broadcast immediately after the broadcast, then no one can save and distribute the video, plays a cruel joke with the fans of the service. This is also used by viewers of the broadcast, encouraging users to fulfill their desires on the air. There are often inappropriate comments from people on young girls' broadcasts. The app has a private streaming feature that allows it to be broadcast to a private circle, thanks to which Periscope has distributed adult content. Such broadcasts, if desired, can also be re-recorded and uploaded to the Internet.

 Instagram is a social network for posting photo and video messages. You can watch, post and comment on photos or short videos (up to 1 minute long). The program allows you to take photos and videos, applying filters and other special effects to them to process the original image. Potential danger:  It is necessary to pay special attention to the privacy settings, since the published photos and videos are shown by default to all users without exception. The use of hashtags and geolocation data can significantly increase audience reach, however, geolocation tags are also important information to track the most visited places, places of study and residence. Also, we do not recommend uploading photos to the public during your vacation if you have left your apartment unattended.

 Snapchat , the next social networking site for instant photo and video messaging, is rapidly gaining popularity. The highlight of the service is that users can send messages to a controlled list of users, as well as set a time limit (from 1 to 10 seconds) that the recipient has to view the message before it disappears from the device.


Potential Danger :  Automatically deleted messages might appear to be well protected from compromise. Users of this network, being confident that messages have been irretrievably deleted, Personal data fraud sometimes send photos that would never have been posted to the public. However, it will not be difficult for professionals to recover deleted files, which can later become a headache for their author.

Burn Note is an instant messaging program similar to Snapchat. The application allows you to exchange exclusively text messages. The key difference from competitors is the function of self-destruction of messages after a certain period of time.


Potential Danger:

  As with Snapchat, the limited lifespan of messages and their self-destruct after the time expires can convince teens of the increased security of the network and encourage them to send messages with more daring content than usual. There are risks of facing is a social network within which users can ask people of interest about anything, as well as answer other questions. You can ask them anonymously. Registered users themselves choose which messages to answer, unanswered questions are not visible to Twitter is a popular micro-blogging platform for public messaging limited to 140 characters. The social network is incredibly popular in the West. The accounts of show business stars, politicians, well-known companies and brands have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and leading news agencies often cite Twitter as a source of breaking news.


Potential Danger:  Most young people use public Twitter accounts. This means that any compromising information inadvertently published on this social network spreads like wildfire. Your child may deeply regret giving a message to the public. Most recently, I greatly regretted my publication.Laremie Tansil - remorse alone was not enough, and his career as a sports superstar seems to have ended before he can begin.


 the public. The range of topics discussed is very wide, and given that most of the questions are asked anonymously, these topics often boil down to rumors and insults. The English dictionary of modern slang calls this service a "social media black hole." If the authors of this publication have such an opinion about the service, one should not expect anything good from it.


Potential danger :  Due to the anonymity of the authors of the asked questions, there are often cases of harassment of users. Every now and then there are news about teenage suicides due to insults received in this service. Recently has been making every effort to  improve its image , but this task is not an easy one.

Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows you to publish short posts containing images, videos and music on a variety of topics. All messages published by the user are available for viewing by anyone. In order to create a channel, access to which will be password protected, you must additionally create an account that will be associated with the first one.


Potential Danger :  Tumblr users willingly share other people's posts, this is one of the foundations of the service. The web is overflowing with posts of inappropriate teens' content that are easy to find with built-in search.



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