5 Best Tools to Run Your Blog & Make Your Blogging Business Flourish

Author : jennylain
Publish Date : 2021-02-16 07:48:15
5 Best Tools to Run Your Blog & Make Your Blogging Business Flourish

We are residing in an interconnected world where everything we do, we do through the Internet. In a world where websites are populating the Internet, the need for information sharing has become more of a necessity rather than just a need. Do you want to educate the masses? The best way of doing it is through a blog. Blogs are a great way to help grow not just your following, but with consistent efforts you can create your very own fan following and progress your business in amazingly different ways. 


Have you been blogging for a while and you still can’t see any positive change on your blog, then here’s a post which can help you. Today, I am going to share 5 amazing tools to help you run your blog page. 


So without further ado, let’s checkout these amazing blogging tools which can make your blog a success. 



Searching for a free blogging tool which can allow you to add social sharing buttons to your blogs? How about you want to collect emails through an email capture form or integrate various analytics to the backend so you can record different audience behaviors on your website? If you are running a blog & you desire to do all that, Sumo is one place to initiate. Now, there’s a free version which allows you to make use of a variety of features but there are certain limitations. To get past them, you may have to purchase the paid version of the app. With premium access, you get all the advanced features and at the same time you get the opportunity to perform a/b split testing. 


Test different variants of blog types to see which resonates perfectly with your audience. Get Sumo. 



Need a one stop shop all solution for digital marketing? SendinBlue is the best place to make investments. Design as many personalized email templates as you want with the SendinBlue advanced email options. The tool also allows you to populate your blog by leveraging other marketing tools such as SMS marketing. SendinBlue also provides the heat map feature, A/B split testing, real time statistics & much more. With its email marketing templates, you can create an amazingly high conversion email copy. Commonly SendinBlue is used by ecommerce store owners to push their different products among customers. The tool comes with additional features which allows you to create Facebook ad models, and landing page designs; Therefore, it is naturally termed as the one-stop-shop all for digital marketers. 


If you’re struggling with giving your blog the exposure it deserves, and if you’ve hosted it on one of the best dedicated servers, then it’s best that you invest in a tool like SendinBlue to make the most. 



No blog post can stand a class-apart from the rest unless it doesn’t feature amazing looking banners. Not only does Canva help you create banners for your blog page, but you can also use them for Facebook & Instagram. Now, you can create as many amazing images with Canva as you want and use them on social media & blog pages. There are several image formats such as featured images, in-content images, and other visually appealing elements that go up on a website. To bring the life out of all such elements, you need a powerful tool such as Canva. It is pretty evident that many of us aren’t quite capable of designing a banner or a featured image on tools like Adobe Premium so here’s where Canva builder comes in. 


With an easy drag and drop, you can create stunningly appealing banners and highly attractive images. 



Google is now smart. Thanks to the BERT algorithm it is now capable of detecting the structure & grammar. It can also detect whether the content you’re publishing on the Internet is relevant or not. To make sure your content is in the best of forms, you need a Grammarly account. Grammarly is a powerful tool which allows you to correct your content structure, set the flow and grammar of your content. It’s one of the most important things to do if you want to make your content dot-point and accurate. 


It helps you organize the content in the best format and increase its overall chance of ranking online. You can either choose to integrate its plugin on your WordPress backend or you can add an integration to your Google Docs or Microsoft Word. The tool can suggest some real-time changes as you go. 


You can type-in information in the Grammarly as you go. 


So if you haven’t got Grammarly yet, then it’s best that you do if you’re in the blogging business. 


Yoast SEO 

Another equally important plugin to rank your website content on the Internet is Yoast SEO.


If you want to rank your website on the Internet, effective search engine optimization is highly relevant. And by far, one of the best SEO tools in the market is none other but Yoast SEO. Here’s a tool which helps you cover all the basic SEO practices. You can optimize your pages & posts on the desired keywords. 


It provides you with a checklist to see how well optimized your site content is actually. 


By turning most of them green, you will see that your content becomes well SEO optimized. There’s also a readability check option which allows you to see what readability score have you achieved on content. 


Once everything is green, then all you have to do is publish your content. 


So there you go, here are the 5 must-have tools for every individual planning to initiate with their own blog. Blogging requires a keen eye for content and SEO optimization. While there are plenty of other bloggers and the competition in the market is tough, if you want to stand out from the rest, you need the right tools. 


Do you have the above-discussed tools? Not yet. Time to add them to your blogging arsenal. 

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