How to Reduce Discomfort During Invisalign Treatment

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Publish Date : 2021-05-13 11:33:19
How to Reduce Discomfort During Invisalign Treatment

Traditional orthodontic devices are no longer the only option for straightening crooked teeth and correcting bite issues. Adults and teens now have the option of using a less discreet treatment like Invisalign.

With Invisalign, people can undergo orthodontic treatment without feeling self-conscious about their look. However, there are many questions about this relatively new alternative to brackets and wires.

Read on to learn more about Invisalign treatment and how to deal with discomfort during your Invisalign treatment.

Is Invisalign painful?

No, Invisalign is not painful, but your teeth may feel sore from constantly wearing the clear aligners.

Like traditional braces, when you first get your aligners, your teeth may feel uncomfortable from the pressure the aligners exert on them. Although the aligners trays are not like the wires and brackets or traditional braces, they will cause a little discomfort because they are also an orthodontic appliance that moves the teeth by applying subtle pressure.

How long does the discomfort from Invisalign last?

Most times, the discomfort resulting from Invisalign treatment lasts for a few days after you wear a new set of aligners. You need a new set of aligners every two weeks, so you should expect a little discomfort after the switch. Your teeth would adjust to the new set of aligners within a short while, and the soreness will subside.

Tips to minimise Invisalign discomfort

  • Wear the aligners often

You can reduce discomfort or pain during Invisalign treatment by wearing the aligners for a long time. This makes your teeth adjust faster, and your aligners can move the teeth within the first few days of wearing them.

You can remove the clear aligner trays while eating or drinking anything besides water and cleaning your teeth, but ensure you re-insert the aligners in your mouth afterwards.

  • Drink cold water or suck in ice cubes

Since you can take water while wearing the aligners, try taking cold water to help relieve the sore teeth. You can also suck on small ice cubes, but do not down on the ice cubes when the aligners are in your mouth.

  • Switch to a new set of trays at night before sleeping

Invisalign aligners cause more discomfort when you first insert them, so you can put in the new set before sleeping. This way, you won’t be awake to feel the initial and worse phase of discomfort.

  • Stick to soft foods the first few days of a new aligner

Within the first 2 – 3 days of a new set of aligners, you can take only soft foods, so your teeth do not feel sensitive from chewing.

  • Take an over-the-counter pain medication

If the discomfort is intense, you can take over-the-counter pain medicine to soothe the pain, but do this as a last resort if other methods do not relieve the discomfort.

What can I do if Invisalign discomfort does not improve?

If the discomfort during your Invisalign treatment does not subside after a few days, ensure you consult your orthodontist. The orthodontist may need to examine your teeth and recommend a way to relieve the discomfort.

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