Why You Should Always Use Metal/Timber Battens In Your Home

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-03-19 17:17:10
Why You Should Always Use Metal/Timber Battens In Your Home

Battens traditionally have a long history, but the method in which they are used nowadays is definitely modern & sophisticated. They bring warmth and a cosy feeling to your home while also offering much-needed structural integrity to your house.

Using metal or timber battens can help you deal with acoustic performance as well as privacy inside your home. Moreover, you can control the amount of sunlight that enters your home. So, if you’re planning to use battens either on your home exteriors or interiors, then it’s vital that you go through this comprehensive guide in its entirety. 

What Do You Mean By Battens?

A batten can be defined as a strip of material, generally made from materials such as wood or metal. When you utilise multiple Rondo ceiling battens together, they create a series offering a linear effect that adds texture, rhythm and dimension to any space. 

Battens are typically utilized to raise the level of a specific surface or act as a secondary framework onto which a surface will be fixed. They are generally used for roofing construction purposes, even though you can also use them in flooring, wall construction and ceilings along with other types of applications. 

It should be understood that these battens can be cut & crafted on an individual basis or can also be installed as a ready-made modular system. You can use these battens to help you improve your home’s privacy, structural integrity, acoustics, visibility, light control, while also adding some pretty good-looking aesthetics. 

The Advantages Of Using Metal Or Timber Battens For Your Ceilings

  • Prevents cracking of plasterboard.

  • Obtain a flat level ceiling even if the structure is uneven. 

  • Lowering the impact of noise from one floor to another (especially top floor to bottom floor).

  • Less maintenance in the long-run, leading to less repair & renovation costs.


The Other Applications Of Battens

Apart from being used for ceilings, the following are some of the major applications of battens:

  • Roof Battens

During the construction of traditional roofs, battens are generally attached to the roof structure. Once done, slates or tiles are then fixed to the battens. These battens not only cover the roof via consistent rows but also offer a strong anchor to hold the clips or nails used to secure the slates or tiles. The overall installation method will be determined by the environmental conditions, the roofing materials as well as the roof pitch. 

  • Wall Battens

Wall battens are usually installed for fixing various types of cladding materials such as shingles or tiles. They can also be utilised as a rain-screen system. Besides, they are used for wall construction purposes where drywall or plasterboard are screwed to them (much like ceilings). As a result, they can offer better wall insulation. 

  • Floor Battens

In case you didn’t know, battens are also utilized heavily in supporting floor finishes, almost similar to using joists. The battens that are used usually rest on a subfloor, which helps in raising the overall surface level. The type of battens used for flooring purposes is usually larger compared to the ones used for walls & ceilings. 

Battens which are used for flooring purposes also help in improving the acoustic performance of the space. As a result, the floor can reduce any impact sound traveling from one floor to another, almost similar to ceiling battens. 

  • Board & Battens

Board & batten siding can be defined as a type of interior panelling or exterior siding, which uses alternating wide boards along with narrowly-cut wooden strips (called battens). The board & batten installation procedure can be done either vertically or horizontally. Such an application helps in improving the overall aesthetics of the house. 

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