Where And Why You Should Use Energy Absorbing Bollards?

Author : AmeliaWarner
Publish Date : 2021-05-25 16:38:54
Where And Why You Should Use Energy Absorbing Bollards?

Government and business owners suffer massive losses when vehicles ram into their businesses and destroy property. Thus, they are looking for a way of minimizing damages caused by car crashes. The solution to this problem lies within energy-absorbing bollards.

Energy-absorbing bollards (EABs) are designed to reduce the speed of an oncoming vehicle by absorbing kinetic energy. When this happens, it protects the driver and passengers from the impact caused by collision.

The difference between energy-absorbing bollards and other poles is that they contain polyurethane foam sleeves that absorb the energy released by a vehicle during impact, a feature that standard poles do not have.

Where are EABs Used?

Energy-absorbing bollards stop an approaching vehicle at an angle to protect pedestrians and property. They are a common sight in the following areas:

  • Outdoor restaurants and dining areas
  • Public spaces
  • High pedestrian traffic areas
  • Near art displays
  • Near roadside furniture displays
  • Near schools and daycares
  • Near bus shelters
  • Outside shopping malls
  • Near car parks
  • Outside hospitals

Why are EABs Used?

EABs deflect the energy released by a vehicle during a collision, reducing injuries to the vehicle occupants. When a motor vehicle comes into contact with an EAB, the impact pushes the driver and passengers back to their seats, decreasing the risk of fatal injuries.

EABs also protect pedestrians from getting hit by oncoming high-speed vehicles. These lifesavers act as barriers to stop cars that veer off the road from ramming into unsuspecting passengers. Also, they protect property such as retail shop displays, art galleries, and shopping malls from destruction by speeding vehicles.

Where to Buy EABs?

When it comes to selecting an EAB, your safety and that of your property are paramount. Many suppliers are available, but you might settle for poor quality if you aren't too careful. Take time to browse through available suppliers and consider suppliers who have been in the industry for a while. Buy EABs from suppliers with a proven track record of the workforce, expertise, and reliability or risk jeopardizing the safety of your property.

What to Consider When Buying EABs?

A lot of things go into selecting the right EAB for protecting your property. Some of them are:

Time Taken

If you are looking to install energy absorbing bollards quickly, liaise with the supplying company to determine the time it will take to get the job done. When shipping is required, consider a supplier who can handle express shipping because it will get the materials to the site faster, reducing the time taken to do the job. Also, consider a supplier who is ready to work on your project immediately and save some time.

Supplier Credibility

You will know if the EAB supplier is credible through social proof. If the supplier produces quality products and renders timely services, it will be evident from positive customer feedback. However, take your time to review the feedback and determine if it's justified and authentic or not. Also, consider if the supplier has provided a warranty for his products because it will demonstrate confidence in his creations. Read through the fine print, that is, the terms and conditions, before deciding on the best EABs supplier for your business needs.

Energy-absorbing bollards save human lives and protect property. They are common in areas that need protection, such as near schools and shopping malls. If you are considering installing one, consider getting it done by a reputable company to protect your safety and business.

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