WhatsApp Plus Download Latest Version For Android

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Publish Date : 2021-11-23 09:55:22
WhatsApp Plus Download Latest Version For Android

The latest version WhatsApp Plus Apk 8.95, is rolled out for Android. Are you bored of what's the standard Whatsapp application? Try WhatsApp+ and GBWhatsapp. It's true, WhatsApp Plus is a modified and third-party WhatsApp application that has more or more features than the original app. Download the most recent version of Whatsapp Plus apk (with the anti-ban feature) on this page.

Today, everyone uses WhatsApp to communicate with their loved ones and send messages, pictures and videos to friends. Whatsapp offers a variety of options. However, many of them are hidden within WhatsApp, and most users don't look into all the options. This is why we have secrets and tips for Whatsapp.

Some features aren't available are not available in the official WhatsApp. This is the reason why Third-party Whatsapp applications are very popular on Android. The applications, such as Whatsapp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and OG Whatsapp,, provide many unique features.

If you're looking to make your WhatsApp the last time you saw it, this app can help you. In addition, it offers a variety of interesting features. In the past, it was not possible to access this app using the official application. Now, you can download Whatsapp Plus on your phone without having to uninstall an official application. It can also allow you to manage two WA accounts at the same time.


Then, WhatsApp Plus apk is an enhanced app from a third-party WhatsApp application that provides additional options for privacy, features and themes, which aren't found within the official app. For example, it is possible to hide the last seen blue ticks, blue ticks, the 2nd tick (delivered message tick) and online status. It is also possible to send up to 50MB and even send up to 100 documents at a time. It is not necessary to root or jailbreak your Android device to use this application. Additionally, this app is only available for Android but not for iPhone.

WA+ app was developed by Atnfas Hoak (from the creator of GB Whatsapp). The two mod apps are more well-known than other apps due to their features.

Users love this app due to its features. Therefore, you must consider this app for access to additional features and enjoyment. For example, this application can do things you cannot do with the official application.

The application is most well-known for its theme selection. You can alter the theme within the app. A majority of WhatsApp users would like to alter the theme of their app. This application is the best solution for them.

Notice: WhatsApp Plus is not an official WhatsApp application. You use this app on your responsibility. Third-party apps could be infected with issues with privacy or malware.

Requirements To Install WhatsApp Plus apk

  • Android OS version 4.0.3 or higher.
  • Mobile number.
  • Connectivity to the internet. Internet connection.
  • An Android device that allows you to receive verification SMS or make a call.


Below is the download link for the apk file for WhatsApp Plus for Android. Tap or click the "Download Now" button to begin the download. If you are having issues downloading this application, make a note in the section for comments.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK (WhatsApp+ Android App Download)

Notification: Officially, WhatsApp Plus has been closed. The latest versions have been made available through Fouad Mods and Heymods. There isn't any difference among GBWA, WAPlus, and Fouad WA.

Afterdownloading the apk file. You must download and install Whatsapp and on an Android smartphone. It isn't a complicated task. However, we have provided a step with the procedure in this article on setting up WA+ on your Android device.

Recently, Whatapp banned some users who use WA plus. The ban, however, is for a short period, and you must use an official application. However, the latest version of WhatsApp plus includes the ability to block users. In addition, to prevent ban issues, the app has removed certain features. For example, it is now impossible to keep the status up for more than 30 minutes. You can't also forward messages to more than five contacts.

If you were banned previously for the change, uninstall your previous version WA plus. Make sure to backup your chat before deinstalling. Then you should download the latest version of WA plus and set it up on your mobile. After installation, confirm your mobile number, then enjoy the application. Also, take a look at Whatsapp Red Edition.

Changelog for WhatsApp Plus Version 8.95 (New Features Additions)

  • Base up to
  • View once videos and photos for unlimited time.
  • Automatic reply and message scheduling are included in one UI.
  • The pin and pattern lock screen revamp.
  • Dark/Light theme to all dialogue boxes.
  • The option was added to save you the profile photo.
  • The voice changer has been updated with translations.
  • Dark/light theme mode is available for FMTheme Store.
  • New features were added to download the entire story. You can now download captions in a copy and share.
  • Privacy terms notice message hidden option added.
  • A Voice changer has been added to notes on voice.
  • The remove option is added to downloaded Emoji packs.
  • You can test and approve stickers before you send them.
  • Option to copy captions of status.
  • You can now load the theme using an archive file.
  • Option to chat with archive added.
  • New option for disappearing messages.
  • A custom wallpaper UI was added.
  • A mention mark has been added.
  • Bluetick on the reply for groups.
  • Online/Offline dot added.
  • The option has been added to enable or disable the new UI for attachments.
  • Animation for new attachment added.
  • Option to eliminate "Read more" ..." to display the complete message.
  • The option has been added to change the toasting location online.
  • Sixteen bubbles 14, 14 ticks, and five entries with style added.
  • The addition of the "New" word next to the entries, bubbles and ticks.
  • New One design of the user interface.
  • The option was added to allow chats as well as groups to be separate with no IG stories.
  • A default theme mode has been added.
  • The animated plane mode icons.
  • Names are too long for animation on the heading.
  • Contact picture is that was not showing in groups.
  • The new interface for aeroplanes has been added and theme selections.
  • Option to preview fonts added.
  • The new feature separates chats on two screens.
  • Option to save dark or light theme settings.
  • Option to toggle between screens.
  • Supports YoSettings.
  • The fingerprint interface has been added to the user interface.
  • Option to disable the status update that is muted.
  • New Emojis are added, along with the ability to make use of system Emojis.
  • The time to delete messages has been increased by 100 days.
  • The new Fouad Mods Settings.
  • You can also reply via swipe.
  • It supports GB Themes.
  • The addition of Anti-ban is to address ban-related issues.
  • You can now add stickers with Google Play Store apps.
  • It was fixed on the hidden chat counter.
  • I corrected the issue with the payment colour on the menu.
  • Status limits back to 30 seconds, and forward limits of 5 persons because of ban issues.
  • The message is deleted after the send time has been set returned to one hour and 30 minutes.
  • New icons for notifications and launchers are added.
  • New design added to Settings Page and Option.
  • A new option for private replies within groups.
  • Update translations of various languages like Spanish, Indonesian, Italy, Hindi, Russian, Turkish and Deutschland.
  • Ability to include stickers from third-party applications.
  • You can download stickers from Google PlayStore. You will need to update your stickers packages.
  • New fonts have been added.
  • New App for Wallpapers. Click Settings, Chats and Wallpapers. Click on Wallpaper Library to download the application.
  • You can choose to use your icon that is the default WhatsApp icon.
  • The pin can be up to 30 chats.
  • All bugs are fixed from an older version.


You can, however, download and install an older version of the application. However, older versions aren't reliable or might not function completely. Therefore, we recommend installing the most recent version to get the latest features. But, of course, it's your decision whether to use an earlier version. Below are the websites. GBWhatsApp

Due to the ban issue, we have removed well-known versions of WhatsApp, including 6.97, 6.87, 6.76 and 6.72. You must download the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus. Additionally, WhatsApp Business Plus is due to be released very soon.


The new version has anti-ban features. However, here are some ways to prevent ban issues.

  • Do not send mass messages. Don't also send the email to more than five individuals.
  • Always make sure you are using the most recent version of WhatsApp plus. Bookmark this page.
  • Avoid using automated programs to send messages promptly.
  • Post status for up to 30 secs.
  • Remove old WA plus application.
  • Don't use the WhatsApp Bomber apps.
  • Do not send messages to unidentified people.


There are a lot of innovative, exciting and innovative features that are available in WhatsApp Plus. Here's a list of the features.

  • Web Video calling for groups: It supports group video calling. You can also make video calls with your friends in one go. Now, the official app has this option and allows you to join up to four people.
  • Support themes This supports themes. Additionally, it lets you modify your font, UI colours, as well as icons. This means that you can alter the colour of the theme and UI following your preferences. In addition, there are more than 1000 themes to choose from on the Plus store, and you can also create the theme of your choice. There is also the option to purchase paid themes. This is, therefore, the most unique and distinctive feature of the application.
  • Download Status/Stories WhatsApp does not provide users with the option to download stories. However, there are a lot of apps on the Play Store to get this feature. WA+ allowed you to download the status/stories of friends in one click. Therefore, you don't have to download another app to do this.
  • Hide status online: When you open the WhatsApp application, it will display the status online to your family members or everyone depending on your privacy settings. You can, however, conceal your online status, but with certain restrictions. However, With WA+, you can conceal your online status and access Whatsapp without logging online. This is the best feature of the application.
  • Hide Ticks WhatsApp introduced blue (Message Read tick) and Second ticks (Message delivered tick). This means you can hide the blue ticks on your groups or contacts as you check their messages. In the same way, you could hide the second tick of friends or contacts of the.
  • Show View Status Hide View Status is an option in which you can view the list of contacts that have viewed your status. This means that WA+ helps you to hide your view status from your contacts. Your name will not be visible when you check the status.
  • Hide Status of Recording/Typewriting: WhatsApp shows the recording and typing status as you type or record the message. With this application, you can cover the typing and recording status while composing or recording your message.
  • Send Documents up to 50 Megabytes: You can send documents (PDF documents, documents as well as other documents) that are up to MB.
  • Inbuilt Chat lock and App locks: It has an integrated app lock option. Therefore, you don't have to download apps for app lock to use this feature. Furthermore, you can also lock the chat thread of specific contacts.
  • Send high-quality images: You can send photographs in their original size without compression. If you upload the images through Whatsapp this app, reduces the size of your photos. However, the app can send full-sized photos. But, you can upload full-size images via official WhatsApp.
  • Send large Media files. It is possible to send images, videos, and audio files from a files manager up to 100MB using this application.
  • View Deleted Text By using its anti-revoke function, it is possible to view deleted messages. This helps to keep your contacts from deleting the message.

Some New Features In WA+

  • Image/Video Filtering while transmitting the video and image.
  • Remove multiple messages at one time.
  • Send up 100 documents simultaneously.
  • Delete sent messages.
  • You can alter the appearance of an application's icon.
  • Photos/Videos download automatically from a certain individual or group.
  • You can alter the background of notifications and chat colour with this app.
  • You can display the various status of different friends or contacts.
  • You can check the profile of your friend as you are chatting to your buddy. It is not necessary to access your friend's profile to see the status.
  • Share location in just one click.
  • Copy the status of your friend's.
  • Help calls (Audio as well as Video).
  • Status is limited the 255 character limit.
  • DND mode for blocking internet access in WhatsApp plus.
  • The video limit is increased in the condition.
  • Clock Sticker.
  • Option to hide DND icon in the mode.
  • Ban proof.


In the first place, you have to remove the official WhatsApp on your phone. Also, backup your chat before uninstalling official WhatsApp. To save the chat's information, log into WhatsApp and go into Settings, Chats and Security then click on the Backup button.

It's not necessary to root on an Android phone. This means that everyone can download the app on their smartphone. Below are the steps required to download Whatsapp Plus.

  1. This app is a third-party application that is not available on the Play Store. Therefore, you must permit untrusted sourcein the Android device to install the app.
  • Go to Settings > Security. Permit unknown sources.
  1. After you have uninstalled WhatsApp, open the official app. download the the apk of WhatsApp plus, which it downloaded through the link above and install the application on your phone.
  2. After installation, open the WhatsApp Plus application and click at the "Agree and Continue"button. After that, you must enter the mobile phone number. You will be sent an OTP to confirm your mobile number.
  3. After you have verified your identity, you're completed.

You can now use this app that has new cool and exclusive features.


Do I have to use this in conjunction with an official app?

You can't run each app on your phone. If you're looking to do this, then you must use GBWhatsapp. You can install and utilize GBWA using the official application.

Update: You can now utilize this app by using an official app.

is it secure to utilize?

Most blogs and websites declare they believe that WA plus is secure and safe. But, we would not suggest using the app. Mod apps aren't secure in any way.

Do I have to install this for iOS?

It's not possible to use this app on iPhone. This app is available for Android. You'll need an Android device to use the features.

Which is the most recent Version of WhatsApp Plus?

The most recent version for WA Plus has been released as 8.95 which was made available on the 21st of August in 2021. Bookmark this page to keep track of any new versions that are released to come. The most used versions include 6.97, 6.87, 6.76 and 6.72.

Can I use it on a PC?

You'll will require an Android emulator program to run this application on your PC. You can test Bluestack software. Emulator software allows you run Android applications in Windows PC.

How big is the maximum file size in this application?

Media files can be sent (Audio and Video Pictures) as large as 100MB. You can also transmit other files, such as documents, text, and pdfs up to 50MB.

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