Way to Build a Wood Look Tiles Shower

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Way to Build a Wood Look Tiles Shower


Numerous individuals love the vibe of wood tiles in their showers. Nonetheless, customary exhortation says that wood and wet spaces don't blend. The dampness from a shower would be unfavorable to the life span of the wood.


Nonetheless, on account of numerous advances in the realm of ground surface materials, you would now be able to have a wood tile shower floor without the drawbacks.


Here's the way to get that wood look tile in your shower.


The Improved Realism of Wood-Look Tiles

It's as yet the best guidance to try not to put real wood tile in your shower. Notwithstanding, you do have the choice of utilizing elective materials that resemble wood.


You may be reluctant to accept that different materials can really look like genuine wood. Be that as it may, the game has changed, and the authenticity of wood-look tiles has totally changed.

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You will not have the option to differentiate among wood and wood copies by taking a gander at your shower. All things being equal, you can get the wood look without every one of the drawbacks and upkeep migraines of the genuine article.



The other benefit to utilizing wood-like tiles rather than real wood is that you have a lot more prominent extent of flexibility.


You can get various colors and shades of wood. You can get smooth wood, or it very well may be finished. You can get that handscraped look or keep it exemplary. You can even get the appearance of debut woods without the debut sticker price.

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Eventually, wood-look tiles permit you more adaptability than standard wood.


Wood-Look Tile Materials

There are wood-look tiles in all changed kinds of materials. Notwithstanding, when you're searching for the best tile for the washroom shower, you need to go with porcelain or artistic.



Porcelain tiles are the best tile out there and the most ideal decision for your shower. They're intense and wear-safe and have a low water assimilation rate making them ideal for the shower floor or wall.



In the event that you can't get porcelain tiles, clay is your next smartest choice for your wood-look shower tiles. Earthenware is somewhat milder than porcelain, making it somewhat simpler to cut and lay. Fired is typically best for low-traffic regions.


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How to Install Wood-Look Tiles

How would you rejuvenate your wood-tiled shower? On the off chance that you decide to do it without anyone else's help, you'll need to follow the accompanying essential advances.


Choose Your Tile

The initial step is the most effortless. You need to begin by picking the tile that coordinates with your tasteful and support objectives. You'll need to go with porcelain wood-look tiles for the best outcomes. Be that as it may, the style and type are dependent upon you.


Plan and Measure


Sort out the square film of your shower and measure how much tile, grout, mortar, and different materials you will require before you start. Then, at that point, set aside effort to decide the tile format before you begin.

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Cut to Size

You will probably have a few tiles that should be sliced to estimate. Set aside the effort to do that before you lay the tile, so they're all set before you begin.


Apply Tile Mortar


Snatch your mortar and apply it to your shower in little areas. You will presumably need to utilize an instrument like a scored scoop to do this. Spot the tiles a couple at a time and use spacers to help keep your position.


Place the Bottom Row and Work Your Way Up

As a general guideline, you need to begin at the base and work your way towards the top. In case you're doing your shower floor too, make certain to permit yourself a way out. At the end of the day, don't inadvertently trap yourself in the shower. Be smart and precise about how you place the tiles.


Apply Grout

Make certain to allow your mortar to dry totally. When it's dry, you can eliminate your spacers and stir up your grout. Then, at that point, utilize a grout buoy to fill in the entirety of the spaces between your wood-look porcelain tiles. Tidy up any abundance grout first with a soggy wipe prior to leaving it to dry.

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Seal and Clean


When everything's dry, you'll need to set aside the additional effort to seal the grout. Porcelain tile is water-safe, yet grout needs the additional insurance. Whenever it's anything but's, a last tidy up of the tile, and your wood-tiled shower is finished.


The Best Way to Buy Wood-Look Shower Tiles

In the event that you need to have the best wood-tiled shower, don't utilize wood. All things being equal, go with porcelain tile that resembles wood. You can get the look you need without every one of the problems and drawbacks of placing wood in a shower.


For the best porcelain wood-look tiles available, look at BuildDirect's great assortment of wood-look porcelain tiles. We have each style you could need at a value point that coordinates with your spending plan.

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