Vape; A Blessing in Disguise for Chain Smokers

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Publish Date : 2021-02-25 12:58:49
Vape; A Blessing in Disguise for Chain Smokers

A vape, also known as an electronic cigarette, is a device that heats up a liquid to create a vapor that you inhale. The vape comes in different forms like pens, JUUL, etc. it can be a healthy alternative for individuals who smoke and want to quit. Smoking cigarettes has serious drawbacks, and it is quite difficult to quit smoking spontaneously. Many smokers find alternatives to satisfy their craving to smoke, which may lead them to leave smoking.

We do not claim that vaping is totally harmless. Both cigarettes and vape deliver nicotine, but the burning tobacco in standard cigarettes cause harm to your body. Vape contains one-third of the nicotine that is present in cigarettes. So, the primary purpose of vape is to gratify your need to smoke and also helps you quit smoking forever.


How Does Vaping Work?

There are different kinds of e-cigarettes. One of them is JUUL. It is a chargeable device. It produces less smoke than other e-cigarettes. It is easy to carry and keep. It also contains nicotine but, in less amount, than the regular cigarette. Many teens use JUUL for vaping at school or in-home. Vapes have a cartridge filled with a liquid that might contain different flavors, nicotine, and chemicals.

Vaping is becoming popular among all genders across the United States. Some use it for fun, and some use it to quit smoking once and for all. Vaping does cause damage, but it is still less harmful than regular cigarettes.

Today, thousands and hundreds of smokers have shifted to vaping. Researches have shown that vaping is much safer and cleaner. It is helpful and pleasant to those who vape as it contains various flavors. So, we can say that vape is a blessing in disguise who want to quit this harmful habit of smoking. You can easily access to the custom vape box packaging. They are available in different sizes, colors, and in attractive packaging.


The Best Reasons to Turn to Vaping

If you’re on the edge of switching to vape, then below are the reasons to help you decide.

  • Smoking doesn’t only harm your body but also affects people around you. Active and passive smoking is equally dangerous. And you wouldn’t want to harm the loved ones around you. Vape gives you the benefit of doing it freely without having to worry about others. It has a flavored smell that doesn’t irritate you or others.
  • Vape is more cost-effective than regular cigarettes.
  • Many public or workplaces don’t allow smoking due it its foul odor. Vaping is permitted everywhere.
  • No worries of cigarettes’ butts and ash.
  • No social stigmas are attached to vaping.
  • Vapes’ smell doesn’t stick to your hair and clothes.
  • Vape doesn’t have that much tendency to make you addicted to it. So, when you swap from smoking to vaping, you can quickly leave it too gradually.


The Possible Side Effects of Vaping

As vape also contain a small amount of nicotine. So, its side effects only those that inhaling nicotine causes. It can increase blood pressure or heart rate. Some people also experience side effects like dry skin, burning face, discomfort, and puffy eyes. But these effects can be resolved and just temporary. Promising studies have shown that e-cigarettes with or without nicotine give the same results as any traditional nicotine replacement items give you like nicotine gums.


Why Is It Necessary to Have Nicotine Replacement for Those Who Want to Quit Smoking?

To quit inhaling nicotine is a challenging feat for sure, but here’s when vape comes into play and saves the drowning individuals. You cannot leave smoking regular cigarettes just like that. It causes adverse effects on your body. So, nicotine replacement is necessary. Below is the list of some physical impact you might have if you don’t intake any nicotine replacement:

  • Constipation
  • Irritation
  • Anxiety
  • Anger and frustration
  • Skin problems


To Sum It All

Various studies are being conducted on the use of vape. Some nasty effects are known to date of using it. Nevertheless, it is a great invention for those who are seriously worried because of their harmful habit of inhaling nicotine as it causes lung and fatal heart problems. Vape is just something to satisfy your need to smoke and helps you quit nicotine for once and for all.

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