The trend of Kim Kardashians body tape is starting to be seen by women, without a bra!

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Publish Date : 2021-02-14 16:25:57
The trend of Kim Kardashians body tape is starting to be seen by women, without a bra!

The trend of Kim Kardashian's body tape is starting to be seen by women, without a bra!
Body tape has become a new tool that is widely used by modern women. This one object is claimed to be able to provide a sense of comfort compared to using a bra.

Yes, body tape is a breast support shaped like 'tape' but with a soft and soft material. Its function is not much different from a bra, it supports the breasts but does not make the wearer tight.

One of the famous brands of body tape is Kim Kardashian's SKIMS body tape. On several occasions, Kim, who likes to appear open, looks like she is not wearing a bra, even though she still supports her breasts but with the bra body tape.
So, don't be surprised if Kim Kardashian wears clothes with her chest area wide open but her breasts still tight. The secret is the use of body tape.

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Although it sounds very interesting, Harper's Bazaar notes that Kim Kardashian once complained of pain in her breast area due to using body tape - not her brand. For example, the skin peels off or even a burning feeling appears when removing the duct tape.

The thing to pay attention to when using body tape is to make sure the bra tape is elastic and not rough. On the other hand, the tape is also sure to be strong enough to support or support the breasts to keep them firm and lifted, like the function of a bra in general.
Then, what is the best way to use body tape according to Kim Kardashian?

On Instagram, Kim once practiced an easy way to use body tape. The first thing to pay attention to is the placement of the tape.

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Kim Kardashian Robber in Paris to Release Book on Confinement 2016

Do you still remember the robbery and imprisonment that Kim Kardashian experienced in Paris, France? The terrible incident in 2016 will be immortalized in book form, which was written by the perpetrator himself.
Media portal Page Six reports that one of the suspects, Yunice Abbas for robbery, wrote a book called J'ai Séquestré Kim Kardashian (I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian). The book is planned to be released on February 4.
In an excerpt published by the French magazine Closer, Abbas recounts how Kim Kardashian tried to dial 911 (America's emergency number) while in captivity instead of 112 (France's emergency call). "It's very inefficient when you are in Paris," joked Abbas, as quoted by Vulture (31/1/2021).

Furthermore, Abbas revealed how he got into the hotel where Kim Kardashian was staying and broke into his room. He also described the details of what happened during his imprisonment for Kanye West's wife.
Just to remind you, Kim Karadashian was the victim of a robbery in October 2016 when he was staying at the Hotel de Pourtales. $ 10 million worth of jewelery, including a Cartier bracelet and Loraine Schwarz diamond earrings, was stolen by Abbas and his colleagues.

Abbas was arrested in 2017. Currently, he is awaiting trial proceedings.

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Branded as 'fake', Kim Sejeong's true nature was exposed by close people

Kim Sejeong is back 'pinched' hater. This time, he had to face the issue of bad behavior which made him get a lot of criticism from Korean netizens. Some netizens claim that the idol's behavior in front of the camera is just fake.

However, this issue was denied by the drama production staff of The Uncanny Counter. They admit, the former Gugudan member is very kind to all the crew and fellow actors on the set.
The production staff's defense was responded to by the actress's hater. They said that Jellyfish Entertainment as the agency that oversees Sejeong had paid them to say good things about the artist.

After the claim action, a source in the Korean entertainment world finally opened his voice regarding Kim Sejeong's true nature. “He is a cheerful person. For work, he always gives his best, ”said the source as quoted by Koreaboo, Saturday (13/2/2021).

In a continued statement, the source revealed his personal experience interacting with the 24-year-old idol and actress. “Even when he should be angry, he can always finish well. He is very friendly and warm to all of his staff, "he said.

The source also revealed that Kim Sejeong was very mature at such a young age. He is also smart at seeing opportunities and trying to do his best for them.
The source added, the School 2017 actress was always preparing herself when going to shoot. “She is not songong because of her status as an actress or an idol. He never acted. To me, Kim Sejeong is the type of person who can be trusted in doing anything, "he said. *

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