The Toilet Upgrades you didnt know you Needed

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-03-03 15:48:03
The Toilet Upgrades you didnt know you Needed

There is no doubt that the bath is probably the most important room one needs, and its functionality is no doubt the most necessary of all. They get rid of the waste, dirt and provide us with a hygienic space to be washed and be hygienic ourselves. They are there so that we can live properly in a sanitary society with good health and hygiene. 

Transforming and adding innovations, and expanding the toilets to increase their functionality and make our experience even lighter and easier and provide us with comfort is all we need. You can always make it more functional by adding in your new ideas and upgrades. 

A towel warmer

One of the unusual but it is one of a kind addition to your bath. A towel warmer helps in providing you with a warm towel after your shower, and that is a comforting feeling that you must have. The other perks of having a towel warmer are also that you don't need to wash your towel daily, since the towel warmer dries out the towel, killing any sort of microorganism or mold that could be present or forming.  

A towel warmer is a plus to have. 

  • Tiles

Tiles are what make a huge difference in making a bath look boring or aesthetic, and bringing out different vibes. Good aesthetic tiles bring out the beauty of the bath aesthetically and clean, giving it an all-new vibe. Tiles are a good and clever way to bring out color into the washroom, both wall and floor tiles can transform the bathroom outlook and make it look good and spacious. Before getting your tiles fixed, make sure you contact your plumber to take a look at all the pipes positioned. Good services are provided by a plumber gold coast who can fix all that needs to be fixed too. 

  • Aesthetic lights

Lightings play a major role in bringing out the uniqueness of anything. Exposed or uncovered bulbs, cold lighting, and uninspiring fixtures can suck the light, luster, and vibe out of your bathroom. Swap out your bare lights and their existing sources with different luminaires that will have your bath come out in a different light. Quite literally! 

  • Countertop Vignette

A spa is just another name for a washroom, but just a bit differently designed based on aesthetics, but it just puts out the spa vibes making you all more relaxed and calm. A spa-inspired Countertop Vignette can turn your bath into a peaceful and restful place. Just add the candle holders, vases, trinkets, and the tchotchkes that can elevate the baths aesthetics up by several notches. Add to it, a decorative soap dispenser, a vase, and even tealights, all bundled together provoke calming vibes.

  • Statement mirrors

Mirrors say a lot about one person. Just one statement mirror and your bath will look a different new version of itself. A statement-making piece always brings a difference, and so will your mirror. Wouldn't you want to share good bathroom selfies on your Instagram? Getting a ‘gramable mirror will only vibe with your washroom making it look all the better. 

  • Glam hardware

The hardware is possibly the most important in your baths. Grim, unattractive, rusted hardware can make your bath look dreadful. Make sure you give them a nice polish and shine so that they sparkle and bring out the beauty of your bath, making it exceptional in that case. You can even go for a new installation of the kind of hardware that you require and get them installed by your plumber. Consider upgrading your hardware to turn it into glam-ware. You can find good services provided by plumber Carrara. Gilded towel rings, rails and taps and showerheads to give you a dreamy aesthetic bathroom.


Having a lush bath is one of the most awesome feelings, it makes your time in the washroom, which is quite important, be more qualitative. You can always go for a good bathroom upgrade, adding benefits and aesthetics into your life, only to make it more convenient and happy for yourself.

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