The Importance of the Role of HR Department- Recruitment and Selection

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The Importance of the Role of HR Department- Recruitment and Selection

The Human Resources department is essential to operate an organization. In fact, they have around 6-12 functions depending on the type of company and one of them includes the recruitment and selection of candidates. The hiring part is one of the main responsibilities of the HR department. 

Although HR plays a significant role in plenty of areas such as employee development, employee engagement, data management, statutory compliance, and record-keeping, one of the primary areas that HR must focus on is hiring, selecting, employing suitable candidates for the organization. Here are the reasons why the involvement of HR is important in order to have a smooth and well-organized recruitment process. 


The Importance of Proper Recruitment and Selection Process 

Recruitment and selection are two different things. Recruitment is the stage of attracting competent candidates for a job role, on the other hand, the selection is the process of determining and choosing the perfect candidate for the job. 

Every employee has their own contribution which plays a vital role in the maintenance and development of a business. Furthermore, it's highly essential to select the right person for the position. Remember, hiring the wrong person can negatively influence the entire business outcomes. 

Hiring a candidate that's not fit for the job is just the same as not hiring anyone at all. The process of recruiting applicants is not only an operational activity but it's a strategy that a business needs to do. 

Having the right process of this type of HR support mirrors your company's professionalism and displays your business's maturity in attracting, choosing, and employing the right talent. If your company has an efficient process in creating a talent pool in a driven manner, therefore, achieving the medium and long-term business objectives and goals.


1. HR can create job postings with the proper job description 

HR professionals know to make a database of job postings and link vacancies to have detailed and specific descriptions and skills. This makes the job more efficient and easier for the recruiter, the hiring manager and even for the job hunters. Putting up job postings on your website is crucial to look for the right talents. 

They also have the expertise in publishing the jobs on the career section of your website as well as postings on other social platforms. To find more employees, you must be visible everywhere, particularly to social sites where almost all of the possible hires spend most of their time. 


2. HR makes hiring easier with help of modern technologies 

Since we have the advantage of modern technologies, HR can accomplish a lot of things. They are able to arrange video meetings with applicants and do interviews with them, without the need to put out travel costs to the company. In addition, they can request all the documents needed to be emailed or check specific data online. 

For instance, they use LinkedIn in hiring today and make it easier for them to verify particular details an applicant stated in their CV or resume. In addition, social networks are something that HR checks because they can tell a lot about a potential employee. 

HR is well-aware of these platforms and they take them seriously because they are a huge part of the public domain and applicant's behaviour there can influence the company's reputation. Furthermore, if you're an HR who is reading this, we're sure that you already know that having an online portfolio is a norm today and it's entirely logical that you include this in the recruitment process. So ensure that you highlight this one in your ad and job postings so the candidates can have the opportunity to revise and polish their profiles.


3. The HR has expertise in creating online forms and questionnaires

HR is skilled in making online questionnaires and forms, and they know that these will lessen the amount of work that their department already has on their plate every day. This will help get rid of the candidates that are not fit for the role relying on the requirements you requested for. Most of the time, people will still try to apply for the positions they don't have the skills and qualifications out of desperation to get a job. 

Moreover, HR are knowledgeable with the latest hiring software that can help them select and recruit talents that are perfect for the position faster. This software depends on the industry you work in. There is a particular software that's appropriate for facilitating the HR work, provided that you have several assignments aside from hiring new people. 

Hiring and choosing the proper employee is one of the crucial goals for the recruitment team and building the accurate process can improve the experience of the job applicant, interviewer, hiring manager, and the whole HR department. This will also improve and boost the effectiveness of your business (HR services). 

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