Rental Rights Every Tenant Should Know About

Author : AmeliaWarner
Publish Date : 2021-05-24 18:39:08
Rental Rights Every Tenant Should Know About

You probably often hear of landlords having issues with their tenants. This happens when you rent an apartment, condo, or home and don't know your rights. When entering into a rental agreement you must be aware of your rights as a tenant. This way you can protect yourself and be proactive in upholding your freedoms. Tenant rights vary by situation and state, so it's important to know what applies in your case.

Here are just a few rights you should be aware of.

  1. The right to fair housing

Rental laws ensure that you cannot be denied housing based on your nationality, skin color, sex, national origin, age, familial status, or religion. You don't have to be not afraid that your landlord might deny your application as soon as they learn your difference. Other rights include that your landlord must provide reasonable housing if you have any disability. Also, they must tell you if your application was denied due to the results of your credit check. 

  1. Right regarding the security deposit

Usually, when you lease a place, you are asked for a security deposit to shield the landlord from any destruction you may cause. Some states have set laws on these deposits. However, if they don't, your landlord is required to treat all renters equally and not demand a higher deposit to some without reason. The rules stated control how long the landlord has to return the deposit and if interest was put.

  1. Right to notice before the increase in rent

Your landlord cannot raise the rent by however much they like it. It would help if you were provided with sufficient notice; it should never come as a surprise. The timing of the increase must also be lawful. This is to give you enough time to find new housing if you could not afford the new rent. 

  1. The right to having a habitable home

Your home must be safe to live without dangerous conditions and usable utilities, heat, and water. Your landlord should do the necessary repairs to keep your house or unit in reasonable shape to live in. Therefore, before you start unpacking, inspect your new home to ensure you can reasonably and safely live in it. 

  1. Right to a proper eviction procedure

Eviction is complicated. However, if the eviction process ever occurs, rental las will give protection and time to get your arrangements in order. No matter what the reason you are being evicted for, there are procedures that your landlord must undertake. You must receive notice of the eviction proceedings and be allowed to appear in court and file an answer and explain yourself.

  1. The right to privacy

You have the right to privacy; hence your landlord cannot just enter your unit as they please, even if they own it. However, they may need to enter for inspection purposes or when repairs are being performed. However, this should only happen during business hours and emergencies. 

Understanding your rights before looking for residential property for rent is a critical step for you. Negligence to familiarize yourself with these rights can lead to having issues with your landlord. However, an excellent tenant-landlord relationship goes both ways. In addition to following the rental laws, it's also a good idea to be a good tenant by doing the following

  • Pay your lease in full plus on time
  • Follow the lines of communication open
  • Keep your unit cleaned
  • And be honest in your rental application.

If your landowner ensures your rights are met, put in the effort of being a good tenant, your rental experience will be a good one. 

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