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When the Covid-19 pandemic began to break out in March 2020, almost all cinemas in the world were closed. Moviemania have also turned to paid streaming services to watch movies. One of them is Netflix. Which is the biggest movie streaming platform today.

Apart from showing old films from big studios in Hollywood (which have already been shown in theaters), Netflix also produces its own original films. Namely, new films that are released exclusively via streaming. That doesn't show in theaters. One of them is an action film called Extraction.

The film, starring Chris Hemsworth, has been in great demand streaming since its release last April. In fact, it was so successful that it was named the most-watched Netflix original film of all time (in July 2020). Namely: 99 million times!

As the title suggests, the film Extraction tells the story of a mission to rescue an abable boy. Who is the only child of a drug kingpin in Mumbai, India. Who was kidnapped by a drug cartel from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Who is his father's competitor.

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To save the boy who was still in high school, the Mumbai drug cartel then hired a group of white mercenaries. Led by Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth). Who is a former member of the elite Australian SASR forces.

Next, Tyler and his team must enter Dhaka. The capital city of Bangladesh. Which is very shabby, crowded, densely populated, and chaotic. Then, they had to find out where the boy was being held. To be later rescued and brought back to Mumbai.

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The extraction mission was, you could say, mission impossible. Because it was almost impossible for Tyler and his friends to get the boy out of Dhaka. All roads, bridges and river routes have been blockaded by corrupt police and soldiers. And surrounded by street thugs. All of which are controlled by the drug kingpin who becomes the "king" there.

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Btw, lately, Netflix has indeed seemed to be at a disadvantage in producing blockbuster action films that have swallowed up a large budget. Before Extraction, there were 6 Underground (2019). Directed by Michael Bay and starring Ryan Reynolds. Which costs up to USD 150 million. In fact, this is "only" a streaming film that does not appear in theaters.

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Like the 6 Underground earlier, although "only" spent a budget of USD 65 million, the Extraction film is also not a mock action film. One of them is because there is the name Chris Hemsworth as the main star. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) alumnus reunited with Joe and Anthony Russo. Two brothers who were successful when they directed Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Endgame (2019).

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However, this time, The Russo Brothers was not a director. They just become producers. The director of the Extraction film is Sam Hargrave. Which is also recorded as the debut directorial. Prior to this, Hargrave was only a stuntman coordinator in MCU films.

By the way, beside Chris Hemsworth, Extraction also carries David Harbor as its supporting role. The name of the Hellboy movie star (2019) has skyrocketed since participating in the original Netflix series: Stranger Things (2016-2019). That is phenomenal.

Apart from Chris Hemsworth and David Harbor earlier, practically, there are no more famous Hollywood actors in the film Extraction. Many of them are Bollywood stars. Alias ​​of Indian actors. Because this 116-minute film is indeed set almost entirely in Mumbai and Dhaka.

Among the various actors, as a sweetener, there is also an actress from Iran: Golshifteh Farahani. The super beautiful one. Who plays Nik Khan. Tyler's friend. Who is also the coordinator of these mercenaries.

The story of Extraction is, in fact, adapted from a graphic novel entitled Ciudad. The story is set in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. Which was published about a decade ago. Which later became a film scenario (by changing the setting to Bangladesh). Written by Joe Russo himself.

The script was later transformed into the film Extraction by director Sam Hargrave. Those who are experienced in presenting various tense action scenes. Through his role as stuntman coordinator in various action films.

As a result, shooting scenes and close combat, which are very brutal, sadistic, and bloody, are presented almost non-stop in this Extraction film. If it was shown in the cinema, fathers of action film fans, who usually watch it with their cheers, might like it.

In addition to the high-level action scenes and acrobatic battles in the style of John Wick (2014-2019), the Extraction film also presents quite a stunning visualization. In fact, there is one action scene that uses a one-shot shooting technique. For 12 minutes. Without pause. In the middle of the story.

Moreover, Chris Hemsworth's appearance, this time, is also okay. The Thor star (2011-2019) looks very much alive with the gunfights and scuffles that have colored throughout this film. In fact, his co-star, Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda (who plays Saju Rav), seemed overwhelmed when he did one of the fight scenes with him.

However, unfortunately, Chris Hemsworth's action scenes and cool appearance were not supported by an interesting story. The plot presented by the Extraction film is too cliché and simple. There were hardly any twists or surprises that left the audience gawking.

In the end, Extraction was just an ordinary action thriller. Not bad, but not in the good category either. However, for those who need entertainment while the cinema has not reopened, this film is still worth enjoying. Moreover, for those who like action-packed films with light stories. Who do not need to think to digest it.

Oh, yes. Because the response to the film Extraction was so popular, Netflix, reportedly, is ready to produce a sequel. The Russo Brothers, Sam Hargrave, and Chris Hemsworth will collaborate again. Hopefully, when it is made later, the second film will provide a story that has a lot more weight than this first film.

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