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Ceiling of the house is a part of the house that is difficult to reach for cleaning. Even though this part is the part that gets dirty quickly, however, don't worry. We will review how to clean the roof of a house. Take a look at the following reviews.

How to Clean a Home Ceiling

The ceiling is included in the elements of the house that are easily dirty and stained. Not only dust stains, but also other impurities such as cobwebs and so on. However, there are still many who forget to clean it or are lazy on the pretext that the distance is too far so it is difficult to clean. Is that right? Quiet! In this article, you will discover out how to clean the ceiling of the house that is good and right. The following are the steps that need to be done, namely:

Recognize the type of house ceiling

The first step to take when you want to clean the ceiling of the house is to know in advance the type or ceiling material used at home. Is it wood, gypsum, plywood, and so on? Please note that each type of ceiling material sometimes has different treatments. One of the saving tips on building a house is not to lose; therefore you need to know what maintenance is good for the type of material chosen. So that unwanted mistakes can be avoided, and the ceiling will not be easily damaged.

Start with light dirt

Not only are there types of ceilings, but there are also types of dirt ranging from mild to clean dirt and dirt that is difficult to clean. Always start the cleaning job with dirt that is light and easy to remove, such as dust or cobwebs. After that, you can move on to more difficult dirt so that the work will feel lighter.

Use cleaning tools

To clean a ceiling that is about 2.5 meters to 3 meters from the floor, you will require the cleaning tool. The tool can even be assembled by yourself, and the method is not too difficult. You will need broom handles that are common in the market. Apart from that, also prepare a rag or can and a piece of raffia rope, and some rubber.

The method of making it is by using the broom handle, then affixing a cloth or foam to the end of the handle. Connect the two using rubber and rope to make it tighter and stronger. Ensure that the ties are really tight so that the cloth or foam does not fall off when you are about to use it.

To use it, you just simply need to rub the cloth against the part of the ceiling that looks dirty. This tool can also help you clean the ceiling corners and between the chandeliers. If the ceiling is still high enough, you can use a bench to reach it. Don't forget to ask a family member to hold onto your stool so you don't fall.

Using additional tools

In some cases, cleaning the ceiling of the house using the broom handle was not effective. Especially if it turns out that the ceiling is moldy or has been exposed to animal waste. For that, you can use tools such as scrap and sandpaper to clean it. Remember to always be careful when removing the dirt with sandpaper. Do not scrub too hard so that the ceiling layer is not scratched and damaged.

Repainting the ceiling

Has it been rubbed using scrap and sandpaper, but the dirt stains still haven't disappeared? If you have this, the only way out that you have is to repaint the ceiling of your house. It's fun, of course, because you'll be spending some money buying paint again. Make sure the paint color matches the elegant house paint color that was previously used. Do the ceiling painting steps carefully and be careful so that no other mistakes occur.

It will be a lesson that cleaning the ceiling is not something that can be underestimated. If there is dirt on the ceiling, clean it immediately before the dirt hardens, and it becomes more difficult to clean. Especially on the ceilings that are often used by many people, such as the living room ceiling, bathroom ceiling, family room ceiling, and dining room ceiling. With a clean ceiling, of course, the house will be more beautiful and comfortable, right?

If you don't have enough free time to clean the ceiling of the house, you can Contact Premier Janitorial Services for roof cleaning in South Hill, WA. But it would be better if you keep your own home clean because the comfort of home comes from our daily routine. That's how to clean house ceilings in various types of good homes, good luck!

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