Fly Better with Delta Airlines Business Class

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Fly Better with Delta Airlines Business Class

Delta Airlines is the third largest airline in the United States of America regarding size and number of annual passengers transported. The company's main hubs are Atlanta-Georgia, Cincinnati-Ohio, New York JFK, Salt Lake City-Utah, and Los Angeles-California. The large fleet of Delta Airlines is made up mostly of Boeing Aircraft making extensive use of the 767 for long haul routes, and the average age of the aircraft is relatively low. Delta had a design team of more than 20 flight attendants who led the change, testing and perfecting the service. 

On all flights of Delta Airlines, you will find three different classes. The Delta Airlines business class occupies the seats closest to the cockpit. As we all know, the business class is equipped with more spacious seats, fully reclining seats that recline and turn into a comfortable bed in no time. The airline also offers soft blankets and pillows, luxurious gourmet meals and great entertainment choices. Let's find out more about the Delta Business class and their inflight service. 

Delta Airlines Business Class Flying experience

The company has tested the Delta Airlines business class on more than 1,200 flights to arrive at offering a new experience that includes:

  • Welcome: before boarding Delta Business class, passengers will be escorted to the gatehouse to be greeted at the aircraft door

  • Cocktail to start: as soon as your flight reaches cruising altitude, passengers will receive a welcome drink as per their preferences; the company chose an Italian classic, the Bellini, a combination of sparkling wine and peach nectar preferably. 

  • Warm towels: at the start of the flight and before landing, passengers can cool off with a warm towel

  • Bistro-style lunch: passengers can choose between appetizers and more abundant dishes, mixing and matching them as in the restaurant; the traditional tray will be replaced by a serving service made from 30% organic materials, which includes cutlery without plastic wrapping and a new and elegant placemat

  • Snacks on-demand, available on long haul flights: Delta offers a new snack basket available at any time after meals, sweet and savoury in rotation

  • Goodbye: during the landing phase, as a token of thanks for choosing to fly with Delta, passengers will be served chocolates.

  • The new onboard experience in Main Cabin on international routes is part of the airline's multi-billion dollar investment in the passenger's overall travel experience.

Onboard Entertainment for Delta Business Class

Delta Business Class is certainly a great leap forward for the US carrier, once undoubtedly not famous for onboard services now more and more cared for like those on the ground. Which, as you have been able to read, also involve airports, above all, to help travellers, primarily business travellers, not to lose connections and speed up even the increasingly restricted security checks.

Onboard entertainment is good with different audio and video channels. You can find news, documentaries, classic and first-run films, divided by genres—some of which also in Italian or with subtitles in our language.

In addition to the Wi-Fi onboard that works very well (for a fee) on the aircraft offering this service, the Delta business class allows all passengers to always contact the world below them for free with iMessage, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. And it works great!

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