Black woman that she suffered at the hands

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Publish Date : 2021-04-07 18:05:37
Black woman that she suffered at the hands

Why Meghan Markle Was Vilified As Kate Middleton’s “Bully”
Watching the “interview of the year” with millions of other Americans this past Sunday evening was quite the treat, based on the profound revelations issued within the first five minutes that promised we were in for a wild ride.

Weeks before the main event, media personalities on both sides of the pond spent good time and energy speculating on whether or not main attractions, Harry and Meghan were really going to go for it, and divulge the ugliness of royal life for the world to see.


It’s fair to say that wide-eyed viewers didn’t have to wait long for that question to be answered. The further along we got, the more the tea was spilled — running over the pristine windows of Buckingham Palace with threats to soak through the cracks and incite a flooding.

There’s obviously a lot to rehash for reexamination, but the main takeaway is centered around how the originators of white supremacy systematically oppress anything and anyone that doesn’t represent or conform to the damnation of whiteness in its most potent delivery.


Another notable that falls into the sub-categories is the shocking naivety of Meghan Markle, and how it informed her entry into an institution that’s anchored by the British monarchy.
This worshipped symbol of the United Kingdom has a well-known history of white terrorism towards former Black and Brown colonies that are still being violated by dreaded ghosts of colonial masters who lied about granting “independence” from sovereign rule.

Perhaps falling head over heels in love with a real-life prince, who evidently didn’t adequately prepare his future wife for all the chaos to come, may have clouded the vision of the woman of color, who became a Duchess at too high a price.
Nevertheless, Meghan’s “acceptance” into Britain’s most revered family dynasty was only made possible by the fact that she looks less Black and more white, which explains why it would’ve been an impossible feat for Harry to marry a Black woman who visually can’t claim to be anything else but that.
Did Meghan think her leverage would protect her from the worst?

We could argue that all day, but for me, my preference is to highlight the biggest win of the night.
It has to do with the false narratives that instruct white women editors stationed at tabloid city to persistently uphold the sanctity of the more palatable Kate Middleton, at the expense of Meghan Markle, the mysterious American woman of color, who infiltrated the royal family by bewitching Prince Harry.
Meghan finally confirmed that the concocted story that became a bestseller for the likes of Daily Mail, The Telegraph, etc, that depicted the very slightly darker-skinned “infiltrator” as a merciless bully, who cruelly left the angelic and helpless Duchess Kate with a tear-stained face, just days before the royal wedding was a boldfaced lie.

Listening to Meghan calmly dispute the bogus claims by presenting the truth of how it was actually the other way round, with Kate being the antagonist, after she lost her shit over the flower girl frock, for her precious daughter Charlotte, which understandably hurt the feelings of an overwhelmed bride, felt like a major moment of validation.
Black women are familiar with the societal hostility we are forced to navigate, thanks to the oppressive labels like “angry Black woman” that already sets us up as aggressors, who have to be feared because of how we unpredictably lash out or menacingly keep our cool.
Either way, Black women can’t win in white spaces that are built to coddle white victimhood at the expense of those who are never viewed through empathetic lenses, due to our tough skin and legendary combativeness that precedes our ability to be humanized in situations that put us at risk.

The story of Meghan bullying Kate was an easy sell, and it ran for months and months without a counter from members of the royal family, specifically Kate Middleton who knew better, and yet, as her supposed “nemesis” was being bullied by the criminality of the tabloids, Kate was pictured smilingly widely, while fashionably keeping up with her royal duties.
That’s cold-blooded, if you ask me.

Britain’s passionate affair with racism runs deep, and the best way to describe it would be attention drawn to clinical aspects of how white Brits genuinely believe that non-whites are inferior, and they politely maintain that stance without missing blinks.
British tabloids won’t stop their favorable coverage of the beloved Duchess Kate because it allows the ability to maintain habitual attacks against the darker version of what’s lauded as perfection by the biased lenses of whiteness.

None of that is going to change, even with the relocation of Harry and Meghan thousands of miles away from the epicenter of mental destruction; safely tucked in the blissful existence of Montecito,
But at least, Meghan was able to expose the standard technique of devaluing the worth of a Black woman that she suffered at the hands of agencies that follow the rulebook of white supremacy with the uncompromising allegiance to white women and their romanticized fragility.
The originators of white supremacy have had a mighty, long run being bullies to victimized territories around the world, maybe that’s the pending item that deserves to be reignited.

Newly-minted Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is now a rising star of the criminalized GOP, thanks to the nonstop coverage she garnered some weeks ago, after her social media accounts were ambushed by detractors who reposted the vile comments of a white supremacist and NRA loyalist for the world to see.
Greene has stiff competition from another GOP Congresswoman who is also new to the spotlight, Lauren Boebart, another gun-toting racist, who is unapologetic about the American patriotism rooted in the supremacy of whiteness.
Both women have something else in common and it happens to be the belief system cultivated by…

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