All You Need to Know About the Condition Report

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All You Need to Know About the Condition Report

Signing an agreement is not enough when renting an apartment; there are several other requirements that you have to fulfill before moving in. A condition report is one of the most important reports for both the owners and tenants to avoid any clashes in the future.

These reports are generally considered to be containing points regarding the damages and cleanliness issues of the property, but they also include points like an increase in rents under certain conditions.  The owner must prepare these reports before the tenants move in, and the tenants must approve of these reports and review them before signing.

Keep reading this article till the very last point if you are interested to know about the condition report and what are the points that are a part of this report.

What is a condition report?

A type of report that mentions the condition and appearance of the property at the time a tenant is moving in. The tenant thoroughly reads this report, and negotiations and corrections are made after reading the report. The tenant may add any points in the report depending upon the deficiencies they find in the rental property.

Top 5 Things That Are Included in A Condition Report

The tenants have all the rights to know about the condition of the property in which they are moving in. They need to know which parts of the property are in poor condition and which of them are in good condition.  These reports can be taken as proof when tenants move out of the house to see whether there are any damages caused by them.

Following are some of the elements that are a must to include in a condition report of rental property.

1. Property condition

The owner must mention the condition of the property very deeply without putting the tenants in any traps. They must be fair in reporting the condition of the property so that the tenants do not have to face any financial burden when moving out. The report must define the conditions of every single room and corner within the apartment. Nowadays, it isn't easy to trust someone and believe that anyone will be true and fair to you. That is why many people consider Jumeirah village circle to get the apartments in the best conditions.

2. Cleanliness of the place

The condition report not only mentions the repairs done to the property but also mentions the cleanliness levels of the property. When reading the condition report, the tenants must make sure that the level of cleanliness mentioned in the report matches the reality. For example, the report may mention that the room wall is clean with no pencil marks or stains. If any such stains are present on the wall, it is better to get the condition report reviewed and updated.

3. Anything that is not working

Condition report actually gives an opportunity to the tenant to check the quality and working of various appliances and tools within the rental property. If any of the mentioned appliances in the report is not working in reality, report it to the owner and get that fixed. There are possibilities that the owner may mention the kitchen stove is working perfectly, but in reality, it is not working at all. So, make sure to check everything before you sign the condition report because you identify these defects later, you will be the only person responsible for fixing them.

4. Furnishing issues

If you are moving into a furnished apartment, then your duties may also increase when it comes to comparing the points in the reports with the apartmental elements. One of the elements you need to check is the furniture condition and defects. Any broken furniture or the paint on the furniture is peeled off or not. Rest are the kitchen appliances that are provided by the owners in a furnished rental property, so make sure to check their condition as well.

5. Parking charges

Not all rental properties provide free parking, especially when you are renting an apartment, because of the minimum space available. The condition report must also mention whether there are any extra charges for acquiring a parking lot or the price is inclusive of the rent. You can also consider the apartments for rent in Jumeirah village circle to avoid these unnecessary charges and enjoy many other benefits with enough parking space.

Thoroughly read your condition reports!

If you want to avoid clashes and fines at the time of moving out, then it is always best to read the condition report and make the necessary corrections before signing them. There are possibilities that the owner may put you in a trap by mentioning elements that are not actually working and charge you at the end. There is another way you can avoid these traps, and that is by reaching out to trustworthy real estate agents that will help you find the best rental option.

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