8 key steps to build your house

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8 key steps to build your house

One of the things that people who want to build their own home are interested in, whether it is a separate house or a building, is researching the steps to build a house in detail As there is no big difference between the steps, and the reason for interest in them is the necessity to control the expenses and to know the order of the steps that a person must take when building, especially if he is not a specialist in one of the areas that enables him to do so, and he does not want to hand the matter over to one of the offices Real estate operating in this area. Hindi Advisor

The stages and steps of building a house in detail

Land selection stage

This stage mainly depends on the general shape of the house, which depends on the area, and the area in which the house is to be built, which is determined after determining the desires and needs of the owners of the house. The homeowner wants to implement it.

The stage of cleaning the floor

Work is done on leveling the land before starting construction, plan the bases and raise the dimensions, and the architect draws the plot plan according to the measurements that he has previously determined, taking into account the constraint, and calculating the increase that results from the foundations, by preventing any differences between the plans drawings and reality.

The stage of drilling the foundation and cleaning brush

This stage mainly depends on examining the soil well, by taking a sample from it to ensure its suitability for construction, and after making sure the ground is excavated to make the foundations, and if water appears during the drilling, it must be disposed of using special devices to pump water outside the ground.

There are two types of foundation drilling, in the first, the ground is excavated, iron is placed and concrete is poured on it, and in the second type a wooden box is made of plywood, which is one of the best types of wood used in the bases of the ground, and then comes the cleaning brush stage, and a layer Concrete on the ground with a thickness of 10 cm, and the installation of cold asphalt on it, then the ground is sprayed with some chemicals that work to protect the house from any damage that could happen to it. Hindi Advisor

Foundation pouring stage

This stage is one of the most important steps in building a house in detail, in which iron is lowered to the ground, and gravel, sand, and cement are prepared to make a concrete mixture, then iron bars are installed in wooden boxes and bases, and the building mixture is prepared, which consists of mixing a sand cart, in exchange for Two gravel carts, and three-quarters of a bag of cement, with the appropriate proportion of water for it, and after pouring the foundation it is left for a whole week in the summer or two weeks in winter and is sprayed daily to be solid and ready for construction. Hindi Advisor

Thermal and waterproof stage

The importance of this stage is to preserve the building from exposure to any crack, rust or nesting, by isolating the ground bridges and bases from water, and this process is done through a liquid substance that resembles rubber in its properties and components.

The construction stage

This process is one of the most important steps in building a house in detail, and the cost of construction in 2019 depends greatly on it, and white bricks are used at this stage because it is a heat-insulating material, lightweight, and is considered to be resistant to moisture, and strong durability, and after its completion, the walls are covered with a layer From a cement mixture, whose thickness ranges between 15-20 mm, through stages to ensure the consistency of the bricks.

The stage of concrete casting for the roof

During this stage, wooden wrenches are installed, reinforcement and iron bars are installed, and concrete is laid that is required to comply with the conditions set by the engineer supervising the construction, and these wrenches are loosened after 15 days in the summer and 28 days in the winter. The pour is sprayed with water 3 times every day, for a whole week. Hindi Advisor

Infrastructure stage

This stage is divided into a group of stages, through which all the services necessary for the house to be ready for housing are implemented, which are:

Plumbing works: Water and drainage pipes are installed, and care must be taken to install them at an appropriate distance from the basics of the house, so as not to be affected by this in the future.

Electricity: Electricity lines and wires are laid inside the walls, lighting systems, electric power, and air conditioner places are installed.

Installation of wooden rings: varies according to the place of installation, whether doors, windows, or balconies. The door rings are 5 cm thick and consist of three sides. As for the window rings, they are installed at a height of one meter from the ground and consist of four sides, and the balcony rings also consist of four sides.

Flooring installation: floors are installed based on the type of tiles or ceramic that the homeowner chooses after finishing the plaster, to keep them from getting dirty.

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Painting: Before starting the stage of painting the walls and ceilings, which is the final stage in building and finishing the house, two layers of putty must be applied, then a layer of basic paint should be applied, and after it dries, the wallpaper or the basic paint chosen by the homeowner shall be applied.


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