13 Lesser-Known Pregnancy Terms You Should Know About

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Publish Date : 2021-07-23 13:29:59
13 Lesser-Known Pregnancy Terms You Should Know About

If you're pregnant for the first time, you'll soon realize there's a whole new vocabulary you'll need to learn when dressing. Fashion editors and maternity clothes shop assistants will be throwing these terms around, and while you'll recognize them as English, you'll be wondering what they mean.

So rather than slinking back to the change room thinking, "what the...," here's a quick guide of insider terms you'll want to familiarise yourself with.


This is not a small lump of rock orbiting a planet but rather a holiday you and your beloved partner will want to take before parenthood changes your life forever.

Tip:- Flying after the 7th month is often not recommended, and considering most women feel their best during the 2nd trimester, plan accordingly.

#Boyfriend Jeans:

Boyfriend <insert any piece of clothing here> refers to women's clothing cut along men's clothing lines. While some of you may be able to raid your partner's wardrobe and look fab in his jeans, the rest of us will need to buy the girls' version cut to allow for our feminine curves.

Tip:- Boyfriend jeans are a worthy investment, so you'll want to grab a maternity pair of jeans if you're in any way hoping to look fashionable during pregnancy.

#Camo Clothing:

While your first thought may have run to jungles and army greens, camo clothing in a pregnancy sense relates to trying not to look pregnant when you are knocked up. Typically you're in trimester one and not ready to share your big news with your boss or nosey great aunt.

Tip:- Most of us have camo clothing already in our cupboards. Look for empire, swing, and tunic tops and dresses that skim over your new bulge.

#Carbo Loading:

Oh, wait. You're a woman, so probably overly familiar with carbo-loading. That said, morning sickness brings a whole new love of products found in the plain biscuit aisle of the supermarket.

Tip:- Keep a small stash of pretzels, rice crackers, and vita-wheats in your handbag to combat unexpected bouts of nausea.


This involves one last look at yourself in a full-length mirror just before leaving the house. Double-check you don't look at someone from the pages of the mail-order magazine targeted at over 55's.

Tip:- Generally, it's one thing you're wearing that screams frump, so take it off. Stock up on trendy accessories, so you have them at hand for last-minute frump alerts.

#Investment Piece:

Fashion editors love this term which refers to any costly item you justify to yourself as something you'll wear forever. Cynicism aside, when it comes to buying clothes for pregnant women, investment pieces really are a good idea and should form the basis of your maternity wardrobe.

Tip:- Look for a well-cut pair of maternity pants (black is usually best), a tailored jacket, and a few flattering maternity dresses as your investment pieces, then have fun with tops and accessories.


Who knew baby clothes came in such small sizes?! A layette is an ensemble you'll dress your baby in when leaving the hospital. It may look like dolls' clothing but is made for human infants.

Tip:- Unless you know you're having a small baby, go for size 00, which is more likely to fit your baby for longer.

#LBD or Little Black Dress:

Every pregnant woman needs an LBD that will take her from running errands to fancy dinner out.

Tip:- Wrap styles are universally flattering, and jersey material can be quickly dressed up or down.

#Pregnancy and Beyond:

In this context, "beyond" means stuck on the sofa breastfeeding your baby and wondering if you'll ever find the time to shower again. "Beyond" is the blurry weeks and months after your baby is born.

Tip:- If you plan to breastfeed, look for tops that will work both during pregnancy and beyond!

#Pregnancy Brain:

This is very familiar to women having walked into traffic on more than one occasion while pregnant (happily without incident). It is natural, often funny (to others) and its disappearance usually coincides with the start of your child's school career.

Tip:- Get good at making lists of things you need to remember and always put your wallet/bag/keys in exactly the same place every single time.

#Pregnancy Blues:

Pregnancy is not a happy time for all women. When you suffer from bouts of depression, guilt, or emotions such as anger, anxiety, and sadness during pregnancy, this condition is referred to as Pregnancy Blues.

Tip:- Get plenty of rest and eat healthily. Do activities that make you feel happy.

#Push Present:

Tell the father of your child about this one early so he can prepare. A push present is a congratulatory present he gives you, recognizing all the sleepless nights, back pain, nausea, hemorrhoids, and finally, labor.

Tip:- Diamonds go with everything! You can also go with gold jewelry.


Accessories maketh the outfit, so get familiar with how to pile on bangles, necklaces, cocktail rings, scarves, and to-die-for shoes. See "De-frumping" above.

Tip:- Study your favorite celebrity to see how they accessorize their looks, then stock up, so you always have something suitable on hand.

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