The Very Common Mistakes New (and Old) Guitar Owners Often Make!

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-03-08 14:44:01
The Very Common Mistakes New (and Old) Guitar Owners Often Make!

Are you a young, budding guitarist? Great! Life can be full of joyful music and pleasant notes for you. But hey wait! Did we actually hear that weird noise coming from your instrument called guitar? It certainly doesn’t work this way. And if it is giving you the wrong tunes and weird music, then there might be something wrong here. Time to find it out!

What wrong are you doing with your guitar?

Normally, a guitarist, whether new or old, concentrates all upon the right things to do that can make them a great musician. But today, we are specifically pointing out the wrong steps you are taking or the mistake you are committing while playing the guitar so that you can avoid these at all costs:

  • Not setting up the guitar — First things first! Whether you have a new guitar or an old one, never ever use it without getting the setup done by Colortone Guitars. Their guitar restoration work and set-up are renowned far and wide to be just perfect and ensure that your instrument works fine for long. And also remember, setting up the guitar at least once (if not twice) in a year is essential for best results.
  • Using too heavy or thick strings — Sometimes your tunes don’t come out well because your fingers aren’t comfortable with the strings of the guitar. If these are too thick or too heavy, you can understand the high efforts your fingers give in to play the chord. Instead, why not go for light and thin strings? These make playing the guitar a breeze and a wonderful experience.
  • Not changing the strings regularly — So, when was the last time you changed your guitar’s strings? Or did you ever even think of changing them in the first place? Well, you aren’t alone. There are lots of guitarists who don’t think of changing the strings at all, forget about doing the same frequency. But the rule book says, do opt for this step every 8-10-months if you want to play well and keep the instrument in a fine condition.
  • Holding the guitar in an improper way — Naturally, if you aren’t positioning your guitar in a proper way, you aren’t comfortable in playing it. And this leads to those mistakes while you play the chords and the unacceptable tune you get in the end. Well, first try to practise the perfect position of holding a guitar, then try playing it perfectly with your hand, and then start concentrating on the chords and tunes.
  • Keeping the guitar in a tricky position — Have the habit of placing your guitar on the sofa corner after use or just in the corner of the room? Well, it may fall down easily and even a kid can start playing with its strings. The result is obviously a damaged guitar or a one that doesn’t work like a breeze anymore. You may notice some weird sound coming from it when you play. Always remember to keep your guitar in its cover or bag before placing it nicely at a safe position where the kids can’t reach it, and it can’t fall down easily.
  • Practising only the imitation— While you are new with guitar or probably even old but out of practising, you often mimic the YouTube videos to play the tunes. While this can actually be the right step, do remember that you aren’t going to be just any of those already famous guitarists. You have to be a unique one yourself and that too with sheer practise and lots of creativity. So, if you are limiting yourself to only copying the tunes of experts and not trying some by yourself, you’re committing a mistake.

These mistakes are what almost all guitarists make at the initial stage of their career. So, you can relax, you aren’t the only one. Try your best to stay away from these and see the magical transformation in your music

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