How To live In a Coast Camping

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How To live In a Coast Camping

What makes the tent more comfortable and cozy

- A shelf under the vault is an optional but handy thing.

- Pockets on the walls - there are in many tents, it is convenient to lay out every little thing from the pockets in them before going to bed.

- Mosquito nets - this must be at all entrances and windows of the inner tent.

- Two entrances are optional, but very convenient, especially when someone needs to go out at night.

- Large vestibule - for camping tents it is better to choose a larger and full-length vestibule.

- Stretching from the wind - on camping tents are required, because they have a large windage.

- Transparent windows are not needed - this is the first thing that breaks in your tent. They are polyethylene (or something like that), under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the windows will turn yellow and begin to crack.

- Ventilation - in some tents, the roof is made of breathable fabric. This is good for the summer. There are tents with a chimney hole - it is necessary for those who like winter fishing, ski trips and a tourist bath.

- Weight - light weight is only important if you are going to carry the tent in your backpack on hikes.

- The size when folded is also critical, mainly for hikers, but if the tent is very huge, then it will be a problem for motorists as well.


How to make it comfortable


If you are going to a campground (for example Oregon Coast Camping) in addition to the tent you need to buy at least something else, on which you will sleep, but it is also better to buy something in which you will do it.

What to sleep on

The best option for a camping tent is an air mattress.

It is soft, warm, inexpensive, easy to inflate with a machine compressor and, most importantly, it smooths out the unevenness of the ground well. It is only important to remember that the size of the tent must be such that this mattress fits there.

It is more difficult to find a mattress for a trekking tent, but still possible. If you plan to use it on hiking trips, then instead of a mattress, you need to buy a tourist mat (foam). Better thicker, it will be more difficult to twist it into a pipe, but it will be softer and warmer. It will be cold on thin.

Using a blanket or blanket as your only bedding is a very bad idea. Primarily because you will feel every bump in the ground. You will also be cold.

There are two more options for sleeping in a tent (but they are expensive):

folding bed - good for camping, but expensive and takes up a lot of space in the car.

A self-inflating rug is like an ordinary tourist rug, only expensive. Its advantage is its compactness when carrying.

Life hack: when we spend the night in a tent in spring or autumn, we put another layer of foil roll insulation under the rugs so that the child is not cold.

What to sleep in

Sleeping is best in a sleeping bag. The choice of a sleeping bag is a topic for a separate conversation.

Briefly about sleeping bags:

The advantage of the sleeping bag over the PBC is that it is more compact, lighter and warmer. But in order for it to warm, it must be fastened completely and all the strings must be tightened.

The best sleeping bag is downy, but it is more expensive. Holofiber is also not bad, but more voluminous.

By design, sleeping bags are in the form of cocoons and blankets. The cocoon is warmer, but more expensive. For summer camping, a blanket is enough, for hiking it is better to buy a cocoon.

Choose the temperature of the sleeping bag in the range of + 10-15 ° C (it is indicated on it). The temperature is very approximate, almost a finger to the sky.

The bedrooms can be fastened and slept together, but you need to select models that match each other and it is better to buy both at once.

Do you need a pillow?

You can take pillows to the campsite by car. It is definitely not necessary to go on a hike. I get around with a jacket tucked into the sleeping bag cover.


How to live in a tent

Here are some more tips to make your tent life more comfortable.

Leave your shoes under the awning, do not bring them into the tent. For camping or camp use rubber slates.

If the nights are cold, then it is better to tie the sleeping bag with all the ties and fasteners.

Always keep zippers closed in the sleeping area of ​​the tent. This way you will have fewer mosquitoes, and sometimes snakes crawl there.

If you see a thunderstorm coming, tie up all the guy wires and stick in all the pegs. For camping tents, this is a must at all times. Otherwise, the wind will put your tent on the ground and break the frame. Or take it somewhere.

If it's cold, wear wool socks first. If you run out of clothes at night on a hike, and you are still freezing, you can put your legs along with a sleeping bag in a backpack.


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