Why Multifamily Videos are for Much More Than Just Marketing

Author : jessicawilson007
Publish Date : 2021-10-11 05:21:01
Why Multifamily Videos are for Much More Than Just Marketing

There are plenty of reasons to film a video advertisement for your multifamily rental space – but there are just as many ways that it can benefit your business beyond just getting the word out about your community.

Here are just a few of these:

Greater Conversion Rates

Investing in any kind of marketing means making a calculated wager. Will your investment create positive returns? Will people respond well to it? It all depends on how well the advertisement resonates with your target audience.

We know that today’s consumer prefers video and other media marketing. Choosing this approach for your rental marketing will help improve your returns. It will also yield a finished advertisement that has the potential to be shared beyond the parameters where you list it, making it a wise choice for any real estate marketer!

More Lease Commitments

Want to turn more interested renters into lease-signing tenants? There is no better way than by showing them well-produced, high-quality multifamily videos. These videos will make them feel welcome and wanted before they ever set foot on your property.

You might even find some renters ready to move in the day they tour your facilities. Have those rental agreements ready to sign!

Attracting the Right Tenants

Every landlord or rental agency wants to fill their spaces with the right kind of people. For those who are leasing apartments or other multifamily units, you want reliable, well-behaved tenants. This might be young couples, families, or older tenants who need a safe and comfortable space. Regardless of who you are trying to attract, you can do it with a good video ad.

Simply showing your preferred demographics in your video will help people understand whether your spaces are right for them. If you are aiming for older renters, show that in your video. Have great play areas on-site or nearby? Display that family-friendly atmosphere in your videos, and you will see the right kind of renters show up to view in no time.

Engaging with and Building Relationships with Current Tenants

Nothing builds community pride like creating an advertisement for your rental complex or neighborhood. As mentioned previously, putting the right kind of renters in your video advertisements will help you attract more of these types of renters to your facility. And there’s no easier or more affordable way to do this than to ask your current tenants to star in your video!

Tenants who are asked to participate will feel more involved and engaged with their community. They will feel and share a sense of pride in their home – something that no actor can portray like a person who is truly feeling can express.

Working with an Experienced Company to Simplify the Whole Process

All of this undoubtedly sounds great, but how do you do all of it? If you are not a professional videographer, it can be confusing and overwhelming. How can you produce a top-quality marketing video?

It’s as easy as working with a company that specializes in video marketing for multifamily complexes. These professionals can help you do everything, from scheduling and setting up to shoot to distributing it to all the right channels. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of a well-produced marketing video – and signing more leases than you ever thought possible!

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