Why Do Call Agents Experience Call Reluctance?

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Publish Date : 2021-10-05 10:03:11
Why Do Call Agents Experience Call Reluctance?

Call agents often feel reluctant to reach out to potential prospects and make phone calls. The phenomenon is known as call reluctance syndrome and is natural to happen everywhere. Many sales teams face the issue from their call agents as they feel reluctant to make calls to potential prospects. How would a company drive its sales if the agents are too shy to make a phone call? Attaining sales goals could become a serious issue should this continue for too long. This article will state a few dominant reasons which can explain why call agents experience call reluctance. Stay with us to know more!

Call Reluctance Reasons:

The existence of call reluctance syndrome could be attributed to numerous reasons. Call agents often experience this syndrome based on these reasons. Following is a detailed description of these reasons, which will help you understand why this exists.

1. Natural fear of rejection:

The fear of rejection is a powerful and aversive stimulus that is processed in our cortex multiple times. According to Dr. Mark R. Leary, rejection can cause multiple negative emotions in humans. These emotions could be social anxiety, guilt, loneliness, and hurt feelings. People experience a powerful emotional response to rejections. Call agents are also afraid of such negative emotions.

Despite the fact that achieving the sales quota heavily relies upon prospecting, call reluctance stops them from hitting the target. Potential prospects often reject their offering, and that is what these agents are afraid of. They are not ready to expose themselves to rejection and turn their feelings negative.

2. Calling the wrong prospects:

Rejection will ultimately be the answer you will hear if you are calling the wrong prospects. A video production company is cold calling a small business for making a promotional video. Does it make sense? The small business will always say NO because it can't afford the deal. When you call a wrong prospect, chances are you are spoiling yours and the prospect's time.

If you are offering a product or service to too many firms or people who can't afford or don't want it, it will never go well. What if you go the right way? It can generate more positive results. Why not hire expert cold calling companies who are experts in targeting the right prospects for your business? It sounds great and makes more sense!

3. Corporate culture:

Overburdening employees with corporate cultures and values will hurt their motivation level. Companies often endorse policies and ask the calling agents to wear multiple hats, which is hard to do. Dealing with the company's burdens and the anticipated rejection from the prospects will surely lead to a catastrophic outcome.

Call agents are always busy making their way through fire and water. The corporate culture and values should appreciate their efforts and struggle rather than further loading heavyweights on their shoulders. Doing so will surely keep them away from achieving their sales targets.

4. Lack of training and support:

Numerous companies are endorsing the "sink or swim" approach for newcomers, which is quite harmful. The approach has been in place for quite a while and has various adverse effects on corporate productivity. New sales and calling agents in such companies are asked to survive or leave the ground. Pushing a call agent to this extent will expose him to call reluctance syndrome.

The reason why cold callers face too many rejections is the lack of training and support. New call agents often lack the coping strategies to handle and control the emotional burden. Asking them on their first day to sit and start calling will do no good for you and your company.

5. Buying a low-quality leads list:

What if your call agent is cold calling a prospect who does not work in a company anymore? What if the list of leads is outdated? Ultimately, your call agents will face the rejection fear and call reluctance. Purchasing a low-quality leads list from a third party will do you no good; instead, you should look for an updated one.

Lead generation and targeting the right prospects is never easy. If you don't go with an expert, you won't get far. Who but the experts can help you in this regard? Connect with these professionals and let them bring the right potential leads into your pipeline.

The reasons mentioned earlier can lead call agents to experience call reluctance. Overcoming these issues does not require rocket science theories, rather a touch of appreciation and relaxation.

Make your cold calling successful with experts!

Avoiding call reluctance and letting cold calling help the game for you will take some brains. However, if you allow expert cold callers to join you and do the tasks for you, things may change dramatically. Consider hiring these professionals!

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