What is Paleo breakfast and how does it work to provide health?

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What is Paleo breakfast and how does it work to provide health?

What is a paleo diet? 

A paleo diet is also known as Paleolithic. However, in the present times, people are turning towards a healthier approach to eating and living. All the health-conscious people are revisiting the way humans used to eat during the Paleolithic era, i.e., more than 2 million years back. As our genetics and anatomy have changed, we should promote eating good food to maintain good health as well. As they didn’t have advanced tools and technology to cultivate, they hunted, fetched and fished to eat. The organic food they ate was believed to have no modern health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and so on. The consistent unprocessed and chemical-free diet and higher physical activities made their life expectancy better. 

Looking at all the health factors and benefits, the enthusiasts in 2014 started researching the paleo breakfast and paleo diet. 

How does the paleo diet work?  

The paleo diet includes lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Thus, the experts recommend the paleo diet followers emphasize more on low-glycemic fruits and vegetables. There’s a debate about several topics related to the Paleo diet: 

  • What food existed at that time? 

  • Diet variations depending upon the regions that is, tropical and arctic

  • Do modern-day fruits and vegetables have similar components to the earliest versions? 

For example, white potatoes were present in the earliest eras of humans, yet as per paleo, they are avoided because of the high glycemic index current in them. Whereas, some of the diet experts allow frozen fruits as their process preserves the nutrient levels in the food. 

Well, the overall diet is high in protein, contains moderate fats, and lower carbohydrates with higher fibres. Other nutrients, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, are collected from marine fishes, olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds. In simpler terms, the protein breakfast that you’re allowed to eat includes lean meats, eggs, nuts, fish, shellfish, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, coconut oil and honey. Root vegetables that contain high nutrient content like sweet potatoes and cassava are allowed as well. On the other hand, food items that are not allowed to be consumed in the diet include cereals, refined grains, whole grains, sugars, dairy products, peanuts, beans, lentils, coffee, salt, and alcohol, most of the other unprocessed foods. 

Common pitfalls 

Some of the common pitfalls that people face while planning a paleo breakfast or a protein breakfast are: 

  • Meal planning: This diet relies on eating fresh fruits, vegetables and everything else. Going grocery shopping and planning, preparing, and cooking meals within a committed time is difficult in a busy lifestyle. 

  • Higher cost: Fresh meats, fish, and other farm produces tend to be priced higher than canned or frozen ones. 

  • Excluded foods: Whole grains, dairy products and other commonly eaten foods, when regularly ignored, risk the deficiencies like calcium, vitamin D, and B vitamins. 

  • Higher meat intake: A lot of everything is a matter of concern. Even studies have shown that more meat is linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, ultimately leading to a higher risk of death. 

So, whenever you plan your next protein breakfast or paleo breakfast, try the High Protein Breakfast Company. Their High Protein Superfood is filled with nutrients and high in proteins. 

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