Top Job Posting Sites in Indonesia

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Top Job Posting Sites in Indonesia

Finding the best candidates for job openings is a significant job for employers. To speed up the hiring process, consider using job boards to advertise. Job boards let you advertise your openings in order to draw prospective candidates to your business. Furthermore the job boards offer advanced features, such as employer branding and background checks, screening and much other features.

Job Posting in Indonesia

Indonesia has a number of largest and most productive industries in the world. These include mining, tourism apparel, textiles petroleum, and many other industries. If you're an Employer in Indonesia and want to expand your workforce this blog is for you.

We've come up with the most popular, well-known and most coveted board in Indonesia to assist you. These job boards won't help you speed up your hiring process, but will also cut the cost of hiring in a flash.

Here are a few advantages of employing an online job board to hire.

  • There are a myriad of possible candidates in one location at once.

  • Multi-job ad posting at one time.

  • Promoting and promoting your employer brand.

  • Reducing the time spent on recruitment as well as cost.

  • A wider reach.

  • Reduced paperwork and the need for human resources.

Hiring in Indonesia

Let's begin with the top seven jobs boards that are available in Indonesia.

  1. Karir
    In 1999. Karir has been one of the top and established career sites in Indonesia. It is a great place to find job seekers in diverse industries, including Finance, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, and many other industries. In addition you can also look for candidates you are interested in at multiple locations throughout Indonesia.
    You can post your job openings on this job board for an low cost. In addition, you are able to provide screening tests for candidates to help them make better decisions. The job board also offers an information source for recruitment and hiring.

Job Sites in Indonesia

  1. Jobindo
    Jobindo was established in 2005, and is one of the most well-known jobs boards available in Indonesia. According to the statistics there are 6000plus businesses in Indonesia which employ Jobindo to search for the ideal job candidates. Furthermore, Jobindo has more than 150 000 job seekers who have registered with Jobindo.
    Finding a suitable candidate on Jobindo is a faster process for the recruiter. It is possible to hire skilled candidates based on location and job market as well as their credentials.

  2. Indeed
    Indeed is among the top job boards available. With Indeed, you will be able to attract thousands of applicants to apply for your jobs every week. Indeed is both free and advertising for jobs that are sponsored. In addition you can make your profile public which will enhance your brand image as a employer. You can also use their resume database to select the best candidates for your positions. This resume database contains around 175 million resumes.

  3. Monster
    Monster is an online global employment platform that helps employers draw qualified candidates to their business. Monster offers two different packages for advertisement for jobs. The first is the quick job posting , and the second one is the premium package for job advertisements. You can choose one or both which is suitable for your needs in hiring.
    It also offers additional options like AI in recruiting, Data Security, Power Security and many more to make recruiting a breeze.

  4. Jobstreet
    Jobstreet is a different job board that helps businesses find the most qualified candidates. The job board lets you to put up your job advertisement at no cost when you're a new user. It is possible to reach more than 10 million people across Indonesia through Jobstreet.
    Furthermore, you can draw around 300 candidates per job ad. Additional benefits Jobstreet provides are branding for companies as well as talent searching.

  5. Kalibrr
    Kalibrr assists employers in finding skilled candidates across Indonesia. To learn more the pricing plan they offer, you must first sign up with Kalibrr. This site for job postings will make sure that you find, source and then hire the most experienced and skilled candidates to fill the job.
    The job site is home to around 2.5 million job applicants who have registered with them. Additionally, Kalibrr has partnered with over 18,000 companies to assist their clients make the best hiring. They also employ Artificial Intelligence technologies to aid employers build an effective relationship with potential candidates.

  6. JobsinJakarta
    Not the last, but not the least to mention JobsinJakarta. JobsinJakarta is among the most well-known job sites in Indonesia. There are candidates from all different industries, including Design, Engineering, Finance, HR, IT, etc. For posting a job ad it is necessary to join JobsinJakarta. They have three pricing plans that include standard, premium and highlighted. You can select any of them based on your requirements for recruitment.

These are the top seven job portals in Indonesia. If you use these job boards you can be sure that your chances of securing the most skilled candidates are more likely than you would expect.

Free Job Posting Indonesia

In order to attract the top candidates, you must write a compelling and appealing job description that is attractive and appealing. We fully understand that as employers, we must take the time to write down all of the specific responsibilities and expectations. Jobsoid has put together the job descriptions for different sectors specifically for those of you.

Job Posting Sites

In order to speed up the hiring process it is recommended to employ an Applicant Tracking System such as Jobsoid. It is integrated with many of the job boards listed above. Jobsoid lets you advertise your job through these boards with just several steps.

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