Top 8 Fast-Growing Jobs That Are in Demand During COVID-19

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Publish Date : 2021-03-31 12:00:19
Top 8 Fast-Growing Jobs That Are in Demand During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy of almost all the countries around the world with an overwhelming blow. According to Microsoft, unemployment last year has reached a quarter of a billion workers across the globe. However, the pandemic is not actually that terrifying for all industries.


Microsoft assessed the data given by LinkedIn's latest Economic Graph which traces workforce trends and arising skill gaps. There are several careers that are in demand amidst the COVID-19 virus that crushed the economy.


1. Grocery employees


Plenty of grocery store chains around the world are hiring right now. This is to maintain an increased demand from millions of people stocking up on food and other goods as they self-quarantine at home. The available jobs include shelf stockers, cashiers, and in a few cases, delivery drivers too who bring the groceries right at the door.

A lot of these stores are putting effort to hire people immediately and will evidently maintain extra workers as long as the problem from COVID-19 continues.


2. Stocking associate

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A stocking associate is accountable to stock shelves, handle inventory, process shipment orders and contact sellers about product problems. They must have great physical stamina, communication skills, and know how to store knowledge in order to be triumphant in the job. Of course, during COVID-19, people will always necessitate supplies, medicine, and food which increases the demand to hire stocking associates for grocery stores and pharmacies may be in high demand.

3. Manufacturing operator


A manufacturing operator also referred to as a machine operator, utilized different machinery to produce, store, and package products. They are responsible for examining machines, do repairs and follow safety protocols. 


These experts have technical skills, including proficiency with hand tools, computer literacy, and performing their jobs. According to reports of the Food and Drug Administration, the supply chain may evidently witness a higher demand with people stocking up on medicines, medical devices, and certain products, meaning there would be more jobs for manufacturing professionals like operators.


4. Warehouse worker

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Jobs in the warehouse will definitely increase amidst the pandemic. If you want to apply as a warehouse worker, your duty is to pack orders, load delivery trucks, transport merchandise, and maintain data of inventory and update supervisors of lost or damaged items. Warehouse workers usually need to be capable of operating a forklift, lift heavy items and be on their feet to work for hours at a time.


5. Delivery driver


The number of delivery drivers is increasing right now since governments around the world are recommending order takeout or delivery to practice social distancing and help lessen the spread of COVID-19. A delivery driver is the one responsible for handling food and packages, then bringing the proper orders to customers and receiving payment from them. 


They must be skilled to handle food and packages with care and have people get their orders on time. So, if you have your own vehicle and a clean driving record, you may easily get the job. If you think a delivery driver job is for you, read these 10 Important Questions to Ask Before You Become a Delivery Driver.


6. Project manager

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MSN has cited project managers as one of the work-from-home jobs that pay $100,000. It's also considered one of the most common remote jobs. If you have the experience to meet deadlines, delegate responsibilities, stay within budgets, then this job is perfect for you. Microsoft's worldwide skills ambitiousness plans the direction toward this profession, including options for multimedia courses.


7. Communications specialist


Do you have a communication-related work background? You may consider a communications specialist job that manages information output, media requests, organization or public figure. You need to do some research and use credible resources for their reports. A lot of people are searching for information online to find out more about the coronavirus, so most likely employers are looking for communication specialists to write updates, news, and social media posts about COVID-19. You may be interviewed online or work remotely for this position.


8. Freelancer

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Although many freelancers work on their own computers, the responsibilities of a freelancer with their job differ greatly by industry. Freelancers usually work on a project basis and are highly knowledgeable in a specific area. A few common freelance jobs such as writing, coding, graphic design, web design, and web development. If you're looking for freelance work, you can try setting job notification for this search term so you can immediately see new freelance careers as they arise.

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