Seven Ways to Improve Shipyard Safety

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Publish Date : 2021-10-27 17:55:14
Seven Ways to Improve Shipyard Safety

Prioritizing safety for shipyard workers should be part of a shipyard’s job profile. The workers perform their duties in hazardous environments. Furthermore, the dangerous environment has a high chance of causing fatal wounds if safety precautions are not applied.

Therefore, the shipyard is tasked with the duty to protect its employees. Below are a few ways shipyards can employ to enhance the shipyard’s safety.

1) Offer training to its workers

A shipyard’s ignorance can lead to accidents. Therefore, shipyards should offer proper training sessions to employees. The training can include equipment handling. If employees are equipped with proper knowledge on how to prioritize safety, they can learn how to carry themselves in the shipyard; thus, reducing accidents.

2) Let the specialized personnel guide others

Shipyard staffing should consist of experts. This is because most of the work present is technical. Therefore, the technical work should be handled by trained experts with some experience. Furthermore, the experts can manage the equipment effectively. In addition, they can guide others on how to operate various machinery; thus, reducing accident risks.

3) Clear the clutter

Clutter in a shipyard provides room for a crisis waiting to happen. For example, the clutter can make an employee walking without paying attention to fall into machinery and injure themselves. Therefore, during shipyard staffing, it is crucial to establish a clear workplace rule. Furthermore, the shipyard should provide tools and procedures to make clearing off processes easy.

4) Implementing safety measures

The safety measures can include protecting platforms, railings, mid-rails, and other structures. Applying protection to structures can prevent some minor accidents from occurring and turning into something fatal.

5) Ensure effective communication takes place

If there are any policy changes, it is crucial to inform the workers. Or, if an incident occurs, it is essential to notify the workers to prevent any other incident from occurring. Clear communication ensures that all workers are on board with any changes present. Especially those that may prioritize safety.

6) Team corporation and effort

Employees spend a lot of time in the shipyard. Therefore, if there is any accident that happens, they should be able to perform first aid before help arrives. Therefore, employees should be tasked with the responsibility of looking out for other employees. Furthermore, team corporation can help prevent accidents that have already happened from worsening.

In addition, employees working as a single unit can also help in prioritizing safety as the workers will work as their brothers’ keepers. Furthermore, cooperation can encourage efficiency in the work environment.

7) Protective gear

Shipyards should be equipped with the right protective gear. Furthermore, the protective equipment should be worn by the employees always. The protective gears help in reducing the impacts of accidents. They can also prevent accidents from happening.

The protective gears include; floatation devices, goggles, gloves, and body harnesses. The floatation devices can come in handy while working in the sea. Shipyard accidents can not only be costly to the involved party but also the shipyard. Therefore, it is crucial for both the shipyard and employees to prioritize safety.

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