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Immersing your new followers in an atmosphere where you know how to take the time to enjoy a good coffee and meet up are essential missions for you. Demonstrating your creative spirit and your conception of a certain idea of ​​etiquette are motivations that are close to your heart. So don't doubt it anymore, you are the person for the job. The right person to create and enhance a coffee shop.

Working together is an excellent idea. Do you have skill with people? You know your stuff and can help your customers by sharing it. Our step-by-by-step guide and our shop model. The power of your ideas far outweighs their monetary value.


The opening of a coffee shop deserves an important phase of reflection and imposes a real methodology in constructing your project. Otherwise, you risk ending your activity very early, like many other enthusiasts.

Such a situation is not your objective. So ask yourself the right questions:

  • Are you motivated to open your coffee shop?
  • Do you have the skills to run this type of business?
  • Is your personal life in line with your professional goals?


Take the time to think about your business. Work on your idea, design it with as much detail as an architect. As a result of this work, you will maximize your chances of creating a successful coffee shop. Express your passion and turn your establishment into a showcase of your know-how. Ask yourself. Play as your future customers. Why would they choose your particular establishment:

  • The variety of the menu?
  • The atmosphere?
  • The rates?

You can also differentiate yourself through specialized services or new choices. So you could make original recipes that are conducive to travel thanks to products that are little used. You could also offer unlimited wifi access or a library. Imagine, work, and release your desires. The main thing remains that you must offer your customers an original, new, and inspiring concept to stand out from the competition! There is no creation without trial. So play as a team.

To effectively support you in the study of your project, our experts have developed a tool for you capable of carrying out a relevant and detailed diagnosis of your project. Anticipate and quickly overcome obstacles with our Business Plan Café! You will thus be able to design with great finesse the strengths and weaknesses of your project.


The market research you will conduct will focus on the analysis of the fast food and hot beverage industry. It will allow you to calmly and confidently validate the continuation of your project. With this type of study, you will stay on top of your competition, your possible influencers, and partners. You will also precisely characterize your customers and identify their expectations. In short, this study will confirm or deny the interest in "getting started"!

Following the results obtained, you will refine your offer, positioning in terms of price, and your prospect conversion strategy.

Working together is an excellent idea. Do you have skill with people? You know your stuff and can help your customers by sharing it. Our step-by-by-step guide and our shop model. The power of your ideas far outweighs their monetary value.

Remember to keep notes about what the clients want or say. There are all important considerations:

  • Increase your presence on the Internet?
  • Increase your communication?
  • Favor a certain classicism of exoticism?
  • Develop a unique map?

You will also be able to establish a detailed profile of your future customers:

  • Socio-Professional Category
  • Taste preferences?
  • Customer expectations
  • Average basket


That's the last approach. Now your homework has been done on the industry. You also used each find in a planned and well-thought-out manner to formulate a hypothesis. Congratulations, you have discovered the best place for your company. The place is critical: There is no substitute for the consistency of the facilities.

For further likelihood of success, consider as many factors as possible:

  • An establishment on the outskirts or in the city center?
  • An installation in a shopping arcade?
  • Will you have the minimum space needed?
  • Is the place well connected?

Possibly, check with other professionals in the sector. They may provide you with valuable information when you are starting.


At this stage, your project takes shape. You are now assured of its true potential. But do not relax your efforts! Indeed, now your banker must believe it almost as strongly as you! So put the odds in your favor from the start. Your essential coffee shop business plan will provide you with all the necessary foundation for this face-to-face meeting!

This document will allow you to clearly and precisely explain your entire project step by step. After reading it carefully, your banker will also be convinced of the feasibility of your project. Numbers matter! It would help if you spoke to your banker in a language he understands. Essential financial tables, therefore, accompany this business plan:

  • The provisional income statement
  • The provisional balance sheet
  • The financing plan
  • The cash budget

If other measurements are helpful, you might also want to include other metrics. Your banker will look at these various factors and grant you his approval based on the amount of these factors. To make it possible for you to succeed, our industry-leading support group has created a sophisticated Coffee storefront strategy. You do have hundreds of examples of entrepreneurial success! Your plans are still under development. Check out our project office coffee schedule and get a cup of joe!


The choice of the legal status of your activity concretizes your creative project. Please note, each status has its particularities. Your choice will result in the financial and legal responsibilities weighing on you and your associates if any.

You will also have to establish capital distribution between the various partners (unless you choose a status like EURL or a sole proprietorship). Finally, you will have to define the tax and social regime of your coffee shop.


Write your articles

of association, The drafting of the articles of association is an important phase in creating your company. This legal act governs all the rules relating to the life of the company. It will particularly define the decision-making methods, the rules of governance, and the extent of the directors' powers.

Deposit the share capital

This step consists of remitting funds to a depository body. It can be a bank, the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations or even a notary.

This payment can take the form of a cashier's check issued by a banking establishment domiciled in France, a bank transfer, or cash payment.

For certain forms of company, this payment may be staggered over time. For example, for LLCs, the minimum is set at 20%. The remainder can be paid within 5 years of creation. For SA and SAS, the minimum is set at 50%.

Proceed with the appointment of the director

Whether the company has only one or more directors, the information about them must appear in the M0 form.

In addition, managers must signify their acceptance by signing the nominative deed preceded by the words "good for acceptance of the functions of" manager or chairman, for example. In addition, the identity of the first officers must appear on the notice of incorporation published in the journal des Annonces Légales. Finally, each leader will have to sign a declaration on the honor of non-conviction.

Contact the CFE

This body's role is to centralize the documents in the registration application file to communicate them to other bodies such as INSEE, the Registry of the Commercial Court, the tax services, the labor inspectorate, and many more. 'other.

Proceed with the publication of your legal

notice This formality is a mandatory step in the constitution of a company. It must contain a certain number of compulsory particulars, which vary according to the legal form. However, some mentions are common. So:

  • Company name
  • Legal form
  • Amount of share capital
  • Registered Address
  • Social object
  • Duration of the company
  • Identity of leaders
  • Identity of the RCS which registered the company
  • Obtain your identification numbers

As soon as your registration becomes effective, you will receive a SIREN number that identifies the company, a SIRET number that identifies each establishment of the same company, an APE code that identifies the company's branch of activity.

Familiarize yourself with the regulations

The rules are fairly standard. First of all, you will have to comply with hygiene standards relating to the premises, the preservation of food, or the defrosting of your products. To validate these aspects, food hygiene training will be compulsory.

You will also have to comply with the rules concerning safety and accessibility standards and the display of prices.

Another important obligation, if you use allergenic ingredients, take care to indicate them.

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