Nail business: Some Steps for this business!

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Publish Date : 2021-05-25 11:35:55
Nail business: Some Steps for this business!

You are one of those who wonder how to set up my nail business? Here I bring you a business model that will help you succeed as the best entrepreneurs, and all in 10 steps!

We have started this series for lovers of beauty and at the same time of business. We are talking about how to set up a beauty salon. But since there can be many areas within a salon, we have decided to create a canvas model for each one, and one of them is the nails!

Step number one is a very general step, so you can see it in the introduction to our series:

There we learned that the first thing we have to do in any business is to study the market. See if our business is profitable! If so, we have the green light to continue building your nail salon business plan.

How to set up my Nail Business?

Canvas Model for my nail business - A Necessary Tool

To start I would like to tell you that the following steps are based on the canvas model . So our second step should be to know it.

Is not difficult! It is a tool used to model business and organize the entrepreneur's ideas much better. It uses nine modules where important aspects of our business should be described.

Do not rush or panic, in each of the steps I will explain each one in detail so that you can understand.

And since in step number 1 we already found out how convenient our nail business was, now we can decide whether or not to continue. Do you want to continue? Well, let's design our canvas, but I will teach you step by step the correct way in a unique and very effective way.

A true value proposition - We should not be an ordinary beauty salon.

Many entrepreneurs choose to place a simple proposition in the value proposition . This should not be done, we should not put in this module "I put at your disposal my nail business". Well, that has nothing of value (or at least not against the competition).

Value proposition of a Nail Business.

So we must be creative and seek to offer something different from most of the competition.

David Polo told us in his article Nail design: Beauty business (that you must read it, it will help you!) That we must decide a modality. And he gives us two examples, a local and that our clients come to you, or work at home.

Why am I telling you this? because here we can get value out of our proposal. Take a look at the following:

Most local businesses do not provide home services! While the majority of nail businesses that do, do not have a location nor is their business formalized! What if we have our own premises and our slogan is that we work at home?

We would have three great advantages:

  • The client may prefer us because we will be comfortable arriving at their homes (home advantage).
  • It will be easier for us to be recognized and have a good image (advantage of the premises)
  • If we form a good team (that is small to start with) we will earn money in both ways at the same time.
  • As you will notice, we have also added "Personalized", this is a phrase that adds a lot of value to business. It offers originality!

The Customer is the Ingredient that every Business Looks for Who is he and how to reach him?

This point is what we all always look for. We always want customers and we want to know the best way to reach them. However, most fail, because before looking for how to reach them we must ask ourselves the question : Who will be our client?

Who is my client? - Customer segmentation of a nail business.

If you want to get clients for your nail business, advertising is not enough. You must first know who to contact! Imagine paying for ad campaigns and having your advertising shown to men. Would you be wasting time and maybe money?

That is why there is customer segmentation. A module of the canvas model where we will describe who our audience will be and then based on that define the means that we will use to reach them.

In our nail business our clients will be:

  • Women (it seems logical, but when it comes to advertising online it is very important to make it clear).
  • Age: 15 to 40 years.
  • Geographical location: who live within our city or nearby towns (remember that our services are direct, and we will be the ones who will have to move in most cases).
  • This segmentation is not for life, just to start. Since with time and experience we can realize that we must adjust certain things.

For example, as time passes we can realize that the age of 40 is very high because only young people visit us. Then we would lower the age. The opposite can also happen, that there are many fashionable older women and we would have to target people over 40.

How to reach my clients? -Means of distribution of a nail business.

While the first point we should remember is that we have two kinds of media: physical and internet, we can also understand that we should control which forms of media we consume.

Physical channels:

We will pay for advertising on local radio and TV. It has to be local, remember that this is where our audience is. Imagine paying a national television channel. The cost would be higher and you would attract people who may never come to your business!

We will deliver brochures in places where there are many people. It can be in a shopping center, in the city center, etc.

We can have an agreement with other beauty salons that do not have a nail business. So they can recommend us.

We can organize an event on the street (with permission). There we will not only place the typical animator announcing our service, but we will also take our equipment and accessories to decorate the nails of those who want it for free. This is how we will promote ourselves! It is important to establish a spending limit so as not to have financial problems.

Online Channels:

We will create a blog where we will promote our services indirectly. Since the main theme will be to share beauty content of value for the audience. If you say you have a blog where you promote your nail business, it won't get as much attention as you say you have a blog where you share beauty tips and secrets.

We will have a YouTube channel where we will share beauty tutorials. The rest is the same at the beginning and at the end of the video to promote yourself. If you do it in the middle of the videos, much better.

We will design a website. This if offering our services directly, it will be something static. It will give us a good image.


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