How to use Google Trends to Research Keywords

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How to use Google Trends to Research Keywords

Knowing your customers' needs is crucial to anticipate their needs and increase sales online and offline. You can answer their questions upfront, have the correct information and get insight into your competitors' performance. These are the essential building blocks for effective search engine optimization (SEO).

These keywords don't need to be complicated or costly. You can use Google Trends to identify these keywords. Although it is not your standard research tool, it provides valuable insights about seasonal and general trends that you can use for copy and ads on your website.


Let's begin with the basics of keyword research

Search engines are straightforward to use. Search engines allow users to type in specific queries or requests, and then the algorithm matches them with relevant results. If you want to drive relevant traffic to your site, keywords are an essential part of this.

It is essential to be aware of the importance of the words you use in your titles, meta description, and all content. These words matter to customers who are searching for information. They also matter to search engines that attempt to provide the most relevant information to users.

 There are many factors you will need to consider To create a successful SEO strategy. For more information, we recommend the Definitive Guide on Keyword Research from Backlinko. However, leveraging keywords is a great way to get started.

It's easier to find out what people are looking for to provide the best answer. Which website? Your website! If not, what's the point of creating valuable content or landing pages that aren't read?


Google Trends: Why?


Google Trends allows you to see the popularity of any topic or search term. This tool will enable you to monitor search behavior, compare search volumes, analyze historical data, and predict the future. It is accessible, current, and beyond doubt, relevant.

Google Trends isn't just for SEO professionals. The graph will be displayed when you search for a query. However, it is essential to remember that the chart does not tell you the search volume. Instead, it will give you a range from 0 to 100.

Google Trends 0 indicates that there aren't enough search results to do a proper analysis. It could suggest that not enough people are searching for the topic. One hundred will indicate the highest popularity of the keyword you searched for. The more searches that use that keyword, the higher the number.

The best long-term strategy is to concentrate on keywords that have stable growth and steady positions. They are topics that are searched year-over-year, so they might not be as popular as you think.

Google Trends provides more information on how it works, or you can read on to learn how to do your keyword research.


Google Trends: How to Use It

Google Trends will allow you to begin your analysis by typing the term that interests you into Google Trends.

Soon after you start entering your query, you will see that the tool provides you with various autosuggestions. Google Trends, for example, will give you two options Search Term or Topic if you want to check eCommerce.

To analyze a wide range of search terms, select "Topic." To explore a specific search term, a word, or phrase, choose "Search Term." A search term is a keyword that you intend to target.

It's easy to start your keyword research. So let's now get to the point: how can you use the results to improve your keyword strategy?


How to use Google Trends for keyword search


Search terms for seasonal keywords

Some keywords are in high demand all year. Some keywords are more prevalent during specific seasons. Search results for Mother's Day, for example, start appearing at the beginning of March. It peaks between the third to ninth of May and disappears completely until March of the following year.

These steps will allow you to use seasonal search terms to your advantage


1. Analyze which products/services are more prevalent in what season

You can prepare tasty deals for seasonal peak seasons, so your customers are happy to receive them and plan to buy from you.


2. To match seasonal peak content, prepare the most relevant content in advance

If you sell flowers, you need to have pages or articles ready about making the perfect bouquet or what flowers to buy for a girl with green eyes. It will help you to be prepared for any type of content that your target audience might search for. Then, after a warm-up, you can design special offers that will increase sales.


3. Before the peak, update relevant pages and information on your site

For those with landing pages or blog posts already published, this might be some good advice. You don't have to write all of the content yourself. Just optimize what you have.


Analyzing general trends

You should not target search terms with seasonality. Instead, focus on keywords that are likely to grow in popularity. It means that you should look at search results beyond your target keyword to understand better how popular your topic is. To get the most comprehensive insights, choose "Topic" over "Search Term" during your research.

It's also worth comparing terms to understand how something performs about other topics.

If you search for "eCommerce" and compare it to "Blog," you'll see that people are more interested in blogging than eCommerce. This information will be helpful if you are deciding which niche to pursue. Although the blog has seen a slight decline in popularity over the years, it is still trendy.

Keep in mind that this is only an example. There could be many reasons why specific terms perform better than others. To truly understand how popular items are, you'll need to dig deeper and compare different versions (e.g., eCommerce tips vs. blog tips).


Locate your potential customers

Google Trends offers a geographic breakdown that allows you to determine which regions are most interested in your products and services.

Scroll down to find the map showing areas where this search term or topic is most popular. Google Trends also displays the percentage of searches overall and lists exact regions and cities your target audience resides.

To understand the interests of potential customers in different areas, you can play around with various terms. For example, Google Trends will show you which areas in the US search for "eCommerce" by typing it into Google Trends.

You can now navigate to any location, get detailed information about each search interest, and configure email notifications to notify you of any changes in trends.

It doesn't matter if you own a local or national business. Google Trends can be used to track where specific keywords are most popular. These helpful tips will help you learn more about advanced searches.


Expand your reach

It is always a good idea to look beyond your search terms to identify other options you could use. For example, scroll down to find "Related topics" and "Related queries," and you'll see similar searches.

Let's take, for example, a marketing agency. Google Trends is a search term for marketing. You want to learn more about the verticals you should target when talking about your services.

Look at the "Related Topics," as well as "Related queries" in this instance. You can either use these keywords as additional keywords or click on any result to explore other related search terms.


Trends that are rising vs. top

When analyzing related trends, you will see two options: "Top" for the most popular topics and "Rising" for issues that have experienced the most significant increase in searches. For example, this topic is experiencing a substantial increase in search volume.

To remind yourself of the differences when you use Google Trends, click on the question mark icon beside "Related Topics," and you will be reminded.


Google Trends is an excellent free tool to do keyword research

If you want your business to succeed online, SEO is essential. However, you can either ignore SEO, thinking it is too complex and tangled, or you can start digging for solutions and implement them. SEO is a complex topic that requires you to be aware of many elements. Google Trends, a free tool that allows you to build your SEO strategy, is excellent.

Do you want to find the most popular topics and search terms that are hot right now? Do you want to know which keywords are most popular in certain seasons and which ones have stable demand throughout the year? Are you curious about which countries are most interested in your products, content, and services?

These are only a few of the many things you can do using Google Trends. However, they provide a solid foundation to begin your journey with Google Trends.

Disclaimer. The opinions and views expressed in this article are the authors Judge Napolitano.

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