How to open a nail stylist salon?

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Publish Date : 2021-04-16 11:30:49
How to open a nail stylist salon?

You are a nail technician, and you dream of becoming independent by opening your nail salon. So you are certainly asking yourself the question: how to open a salon? In this file, we detail all the steps to follow for a successful opening. Whether it is the market study or the financing of the project, or the equipment to be acquired, nothing is left to chance.

1. Training needed to open a nail salon

Opening a nail prosthetist salon, also called a nail salon, or even a nail bar, requires a CAP in beauty and body care or an equivalent diploma registered with the RNCP.


The training lasts 2 years and is crowned by a state diploma. The holder masters the techniques of aesthetic care of the face, hands, and feet. Such as the French manicure. He also knows how to manage stocks, appointments and ensure collection.

In addition to the basic training, it is recommended that you take internships to see how a nail salon works. You will be able to improve your practice, but also you will learn to master the management aspect of your business, such as accounting, personnel management, customer marketing, ...

2. Market research

It is an analysis of the supply and demand of your market. This will consist of analyzing whether the area you want to set up your nail stylist institute is suitable and whether the competition is not too intense.

For this, you will have to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies in the field to estimate your market accurately.

You will have to  answer the following questions:

  • Who is the typical customer?
  • What is the average basket per service?
  • What is the average purchasing power of my customers?
  • How are many nail prosthetist salons present?
  • How many independent nail technicians work in the sector?
  • How many institutes or salons also offer this type of service (hairdresser, spas, etc.)?
  • What are the prices?

Be careful,  do not rely solely on the Internet for market research. The ground is essential. You are going to have to do quantitative and qualitative studies.

Concretely, it will be necessary to go on the ground to question women on their habits. These questionnaires need to be quick and to the point.

Example question  for your qualitative study:

  • Do you go to a nail technician salon? Yes or no
  • If yes, how many times per month / per year?
  • If No, why don't you go to these institutes?
  • What is your budget?
  • What type of service do you use?
  • What do you like about your living room?
  • What do you think could be improved?
  • What will make you change your salon?

These are typical questions. We must, of course, fine-tune that. For this to be representative, between 100 and 200 women must be interviewed. Below you risk not having enough data and leaving on truncated analyzes.

3. What legal status of my salon?

Choosing your legal status depends on answers to the following questions:

  • Do I want to partner up or work alone?
  • What type of contribution do I want to make?
  • Is this contribution small or important?
  • Do I want to unite or separate my assets from the assets of the company?

Which social scheme would I like to be affiliated with: general social security scheme or social scheme for the self-employed (RSI)?

 From your answers, you will have the choice between different statuses:

  • The company ( SARL, EURL, SNC ... etc.)
  • The individual company

4. The business plan

The nail salon business plan is a set of documents used to verify that your business is financially viable. It contains a provisional balance sheet, a provisional income statement, the table of sales and charges, as well as the description of your business. If you are not comfortable with these documents, you can use online business plan software. It will guide you step by step and allow you to present a professional document to people who ask for it, such as your banker.

5. What investment should be planned for the launch of the show?

Several types of costs arise when opening a nail prosthetist salon:

  • The prices of the training to be acquired,
  • The rental or purchase costs of the premises,
  • The costs of fitting out the premises: furniture (tables, chairs, decoration, etc.) and tools essential for commercial activity (computer station, software, etc.),
  • The purchase costs of a stock of material specific to nail prosthetist activity ( UV lamp, varnish, creams, etc.).

6. Marketing and communication

You still have an important step to achieve for business success: marketing. To have a good loyal clientele, take care of the following actions:

  • Display your services and their prices in the window,
  • Plan a loyalty program to service your customers,
  • Advertise in the regional press or the municipal newspaper,
  • Get closer to your customers through a website. It will cost you very little and promote your services. For example, offer online meetings,
  • Communicate your news on social networks so that your customers are constantly informed of news and promotions.

7. Tips for the success of your salon

Knowing how to surround yourself with professionals at all levels: accountant, accountant, banker, chamber of commerce and industry, ...

Please do not underestimate the costs:  we often forget incidental charges in our business plan. If I were you, I would add 20% of your business plan costs, and I will subtract 30% of your turnover, which will give you a more precise idea ... of reality.

Do concrete market research:  having good market research will not be enough to be successful, but neglecting it will ensure failure! So that's why you shouldn't hesitate to spend a lot of time on it!

Adapt!  If the first few months are difficult, don't sit idly by waiting for the customer to walk through your door. Find them, modify your business plan, add services (parcel relay, etc.), in short, become essential with your salon.

Go through the franchise:  if you find that starting on your own is too complicated, you can go through a franchise that will support you throughout your project and once your company is created.

Prepare your entourage:  given the investment involved, your staff (family) must be interested in your project. They will help you at the start and in the most difficult times. In addition, you must always keep the link with your loved ones.

Don't count your hours at the start:  any entrepreneur will tell you. At the start, there is a very important investment in time and energy. But if this investment is made the right way, then you will be rewarded.

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