How to Make Your Newsletters More Interactive and Connect with Customers

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Publish Date : 2021-08-01 02:48:46
How to Make Your Newsletters More Interactive and Connect with Customers

Many rumors have been circulated about email's death and the importance of social media. But let's not forget that these rumors are false. Email marketing is still the preferred channel for most marketers.

Numerous studies have proven that email newsletters deliver the highest marketing return on investment. McKinsey & Company recently did a survey that found email newsletters 40 times more effective than social media.

It could explain why email newsletters are used by 83 percent of B2B businesses. However, not all newsletters are equally effective. Here's a guide to the key elements that make a newsletter successful.


1. Not just a sales pitch, but the value

Most likely, the newsletter subscribers are not signing up to receive marketing and sales messages. They may be aware that your newsletter will occasionally include product pitches and offers, but they probably signed up for another reason.

The most fundamental element that distinguishes successful newsletters is their ability to deliver value to readers, not just a sales pitch. So be light on the sales and heavy on providing value to your subscribers. Of course, you can include a call-to-action, but it shouldn't be the main reason you are sending the email.

Your newsletter content should be tailored to your audience. Your landing page or WordPress email subscription blurb promoting your newsletter set the tone for what the subscriber will receive when they sign up. It would help if you kept those promises, or many unsubscribers will follow the bait and switch. These promises should be the focal point for your newsletter.


2. Focus on the subject

Subject lines should be given as much attention as the newsletter body. The subject line is responsible for nearly 33 percent of all emails being opened. In addition, 69 percent of readers determine whether an email is a spam by its subject line. Therefore, you must win the subject line.

Keep your subject line short and direct. Use the same techniques for writing a blog post title: Strong word choice, tease, clarity about what to do next, and strong word selection. Don't use clickbait because Millennials, Gen Z won't listen to that.

Personalization and emojis are essential considerations when creating your subject line. Even if you're not a teenager, emojis can be used to draw attention to your subject line. They are widely accepted and accepted today. Use them only when you feel it is appropriate.


3. Keep the newsletter simple, but style it

Your newsletters should be consistent in branding to indicate that they are from your Company immediately. However, resist the temptation of over-designing your newsletters. Email supports HTML and images. However, email client support is different, and your message may get lost if too much styling occurs or too many things happen in an email.

Because more than 40% of email openings are on mobile devices, simplicity is essential. While the email marketing software provider may offer many different layouts to showcase their capabilities, it is necessary to stick with simple designs that emphasize your core message.

The same applies to how many pages you include in your newsletter. Limit the number of sections to five and focus on one main idea. Include a few brief blurbs at the end. It ensures that the reader gets the main idea as outlined in your subject line. It is not a generic newsletter that promises the same value every time it arrives in your inbox.


4. Send consistently but don't overload readers

The most frequently asked question about newsletter marketing is when to send the newsletter to subscribers. It is crucial for the success and viability of your newsletter.

There is no set frequency, but one weekly mailing is the best. Your subscribers will forget you if you send less. You will become a nuisance to most subscribers and cause your audience to lose faith in you.

Your content marketing strategy should be tailored to the audience you are targeting. For example, fashionistas might appreciate regular updates about the latest styles.

A weekly email newsletter might be something you want, but your brand cannot produce enough content or doesn't have the budget for a partner in content marketing. You will need to reduce the frequency of your newsletters in this case because each one must be valuable.


5. Offer incentives to encourage engagement

Incentives for readers are the best ways to create a successful newsletter and are not used by most marketers. So don't let your business be left behind.

It's simple. Everybody who opens and reads your email will receive a treat. In addition, your newsletter will stand out from other sales blasts by offering a perk or incentive to only your readers.

You have many options for incentives to include in your newsletters. For example, you could offer a limited-edition product or a discount for a specific time. It could consist of complete information or access to a webinar or event that isn't available elsewhere. You could also find a survey or an ebook not available anywhere else.


Keep improving your newsletter creation

These are the essential elements of a newsletter marketing plan. Don't stop there. The final trick to winning the newsletter marketing game is to keep improving and changing your approach. Try different methods and see what works. Keep at it, and you will soon have an effective email marketing channel.

Disclaimer. The opinions and views expressed in this article are the authors Andrew Napolitano.

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