How to Keep Herb Cuttings Alive With Rooting Hormones

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Publish Date : 2021-11-14 17:04:38
How to Keep Herb Cuttings Alive With Rooting Hormones

Having a small herbs kitchen garden is surely therapeutic. Planting some flowers and herbs from a cutting is easy, but sometimes this might not be the case. If you are using cuttings to propagate your flower or herb but have no results, you should use rooting hormone powder.

What is the rooting hormone?

The best way to get an identical plant to the parent is by using the parent cuttings. To grow the cutting successfully and be healthy, the rooting hormone is needed. The herbs produce their rooting hormone, but often, it’s inadequate. Stimulating the cutting with the rooting hormone powder increase the chances of successful plant rooting. The roots develop faster and are healthy than planting without the rooting hormone.

Merits of rooting hormone.

While many herbs naturally root on their own, rooting hormone makes the task easier. Propagating cuttings with root hormone ensures the roots are strong, hence the whole plant, which translates to healthy stem, leaves, and flowers.

Rooting time. Time is a variable variance when it comes to cloning. The faster the roots are formed, the faster the plant is transferred from the seedling bed to the vegetative growth stage. This will save you more attentive care and more room to propagate more cuttings. Successful rooting of a plat can be anywhere between 5-12 days, depending on the cutting.

The best thing about rooting hormone is that it works excellent in all growth mediums. The hormone can be used in soil, water, Rockwool, peat, moss, clay pellet, and many more mediums.

Using the rooting hormone prevents the cutting shock. The cutting will continue growing naturally with the help of the hormone without having to produce its hormone strenuously. However, high production of the rooting hormone by the cutting can cause plant shock, which leads to the death of the cutting.

How to apply the rooting hormone

The rooting hormone powder is made conveniently for ease of use.

  • Prepare the mother plant, where the cutting will be obtained.
  • Prepare a moistening base like Hormex Vitamin b1 and hormone concentrates.
  • Prepare the planting medium or the pot.
  • Make a cutting that is fresh and has a clean cut.
  • Remove any leaves from the cutting.
  • Put a little of the rooting hormone in a clean container.
  • Moist the cutting and shake off excessive moisture
  • Place the cutting about 2.5cm in the rooting hormone, tap the cutting to remove excess powder.
  • Plant the cutting in the rooting medium, ensuring you don’t rub off the rooting powder when planting.

Remember, never dip the cutting in the rooting hormone container. Always put the hormone in a separate container. This will ensure the entire lot of the rooting hormone is not contaminated.

While the rooting is taking place, ensure the cutting is moist and has access to sunlight. When leaves appear, it’s a sign the rooting process was successful.

Rooting hormone is made from a lighter material that is not abrasive to the plant. This is the gardener’s favorite hormone that lets your dream of having a garden come true without so much as a sweat. Let the rooting hormone do the job while you prepare to take care of more herbs.

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