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There are so many different methods of hair extensions which we will discuss, but first let's look at the number one most important aspect to hair extensions - the quality! Hair extensions come in two types of hair, human hair and synthetic.

  • Human hair extensions have many advantages – they can be heat styled, coloured, toned, colour washed, and treated just like your natural hair therefore making them much easier to work with! They feel silky, soft & shiny and blend seamlessly with natural hair.
  • Synthetic hair extensions, although much cheaper, do not last as long and are very sensitive to conditions such as sun exposure and moisture in the air. Synthetic materials are very difficult to style, as generally they cannot handle heat styling and cannot be toned/dyed. The texture of synthetic hair is also often known to blend badly with natural hair.

Price does vary between the ranges. Synthetic hair normally is around $60-$80 and human hair can range from $150-$800 as there are different grades of human hair. At Flik Hair Extensions we use the highest professional grade available as we want you our customers to experience thick, healthy natural extensions which blend seamlessly.

We will always recommended human hair as you can treat it like your own hair, Apply heat, style it and you will always get natural results. There are many disadvantages to synthetic hair extensions as they look fake and cannot be heat styled.


The most common method of hair extensions - Clip In Hair Extensions. They give super natural results as you choose where you want them to go depending on you hair style to always have a seamless blend. In just a few minutes you have luxurious hair to love that is secure and comfortable. If you have thin/fine hair we recommend the 150g Classic range and the 250g Deluxe range for normal/thick hair to always get the seamless blend.


Similar to Clip In hair extensions ponytail extensions are great for instantly enhancing your hairstyles. They add length and thickness to your natural pony, buns and help you create perfect braids. Ponytail extensions are perfect for first time extension users as they are so easy and take seconds to apply. 


Halo hair extensions a temporary method of extensions which haven't been out long. They come in the form of a halo that you apply like a headband which is simply to apply while the halo band is quite discreet. This method is less secure than other methods of temporary hair extensions, so unfortunately you wont be able to Flik your hair back and forth.


Tape ins are significantly one of the least damaging of the semi-permanent methods available today, super simple, lightweight and efficient by not taking any more than 60 minutes to apply. Tape in hair extensions contain a tape like adhesive which allows it to be attached to the hair by sandwiching two pieces together with your hair in the middle.


Weaves/Wefts can be applied numerous ways, one way is to be sewn into the hair using a corn row. This method requires no heat or glue, we recommend this method to be used with those who have thick/coarse hair. Be mindful this causes a lot of strain on the scalp however they are very sturdy once applied. Another way to apply wefts is by using micro beads to secure the weft to you natural hair. Instead of a corn row a row of micro beads can be applied to the hair and the weft can be sewn to the beads.


Another semi-permanent method is micro-bead or micro-link extensions which are bonded to the hair with a metal ring/bead. No glue or adhesive is requires but they can be very damaging to the hair due to pressure on the hair. This method can take hours to apply but the results are very natural once applied. Not for weak, damaged or thin/fine hair.


A semi-permanent method that bonds to the hair and extension using hair extension glue. A very flexible and seamless application as each piece used is quite small and is applied to the strands of your hair. This is the most damaging method as glue is used. 


Shrinkies are very similar to micro beads but instead of a micro bead to hold the extension to your hair a keratin tube is used. A heat gun in used to melt the keratin tube to your hair to hold the extension in place. Damaging to the hair but a very natural and seamless blend if applied correctly.

Source URL: https://flikhairextensions.com/hair-extensions/clip-ins/

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