anything from schools days. Have you noticed this? I can say that4

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anything from schools days. Have you noticed this? I can say that4

If there is one thing that remote work has taught the world thus far, it is that this is without a doubt the future workforce for the adventurous at heart. Sure, remote work technically is branching out to become exactly that right now, but the iteration has not yet come full circle. Soon enough, the remote workforce will welcome career-driven individuals from all different backgrounds, with all different qualifications and skill sets, and all different professional goals. Whether you want to be the owner of a walking tours agency, travelling the world to expand your brand and your business model, or a writer that works for themselves, anywhere in the world, or any other manner of career pathways, the remote workforce is for you.

The popularity of any item often drives the market for those types of products. That is the case with educational toys, as their popularity has caused an increase in the diversity of toys that are available. These toys do more than simply provide an educational experience for the children. They are also classified as toys because they are entertaining. When you combine both the educational and the entertainment factors of toys for children, you end up with a popular item that can help to shape a child's life from a very young age.

Many parents are also choosing classic toys for their children, which have seen a comeback in recent years. Many of the classic toys include puzzles as a feature, which can help to promote the thinking ability of the growing child. In addition, the toys that are considered to be classic also have more long-term value in the fact that they can be played for a longer duration. While most electronic games tend to be swapped out within just a few weeks or months, these classic games can be passed down from one child to the next.

An additional benefit of choosing educational toys, which has also led to their popularity, is the fact that they lend themselves well to family time. How many times have you seen a child bury himself in a handheld computer game and have no interaction with the family or world around them? When educational toys are chosen, it may help to promote conversations with the family and can certainly make a difference in the social skills of the child.

Some of the creative toys which have that benefit are board games. Many of those games are classics and can be enjoyed by the entire family. An increasing number of educational toys are also available that promote the involvement of other family members as well. When the entire family gets involved in the education and gameplay of the child, it helps to forge relationships.

Regardless of the age of the child, there are going to be family-friendly, educational and creative toys available. In some cases, they will give specific direction to the child, helping them to foster skills in science, math, language or even social skills. It also gives parents the opportunity to purchase a toy which will not have a novelty that is going to wear off after a very short amount time. It's a win-win situation, which benefits both the child and the family unit.
In recent years the field of neuroscience has been applied to almost everything from the legal profession to sales and marketing.

Why? Because every human activity is a result of our thinking and the workings of our brain - and neuroscience expands our understanding of just that.

As well as determining how we think, make decisions and generally behave, our brains are obviously key to how we learn, so the more neuroscience uncovers about this, the more the growing field of "neuroeducation" emerges.

A New and Growing Field

Increasingly there are people around the world who recognise the limits of the present educational systems and are committed to transforming it, in the hope of better preparing a new generation for making valuable contributions to global progress.

Re-creating education is no easy task. Everywhere, old methods and practices are deeply set in. However, a recent study by the Wellcome Trust in the UK found that over ninety percent of teachers there claim to use neuroscience in the classroom.

Even though on closer inspection some of what we believe to be "neuroscience" is better termed "popular neuroscience", and is a somewhat twisted form of the original science, ninety percent is quite a figure; it shows just how much appetite there is amongst the teaching profession for introducing better learning methods.

Leadership Thinking

Key to the approach of neuroeducation is leadership thinking. This is an area where neuroscience has had major input already. In many of our leading organisations, leadership has already seen the benefits of applying the findings of neuroscience: helping leaders to improve teamwork and decision-making, driving through organisational change, and enhancing performance at all levels.

When the latest mind science is applied to education it has the ability to enhance cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills, thereby unleashing the potential of the learner to be creative and autonomous in following what they believe in.

It can also enhance curriculum delivery, make learning outcomes more effective and improve the teaching effectiveness of educators. Essentially, it can be applied positively at all levels of the educational system.


Expanding the reach of neuroeducation around the globe effectively relies on specialists in neuroscience forming partnerships with schools and other educational institutions; together they are tasked with co-creating educational programs that enhance the learning experience and outcomes.

Doing this effectively involves sharing the findings of neuroscience with parents, teachers, schools and educational institutions and demonstrating how they can provide a new purpose to learning, where innovation, curiosity, passion, human relationships are valued as well as academic excellence.

A Framework for Neuroeducation

The frameworks used in the field of neuroeducation are similar to those used to enhance organisational performance, but adapted to the educational system.

Neuroeduction helps us to understand young learners better and, as such, educators need to be aware of all the cognitive needs of their students. A framework that addresses the following six needs of the young learner is a useful starting point:

A secure, values-based learning environment that fosters group inclusion and learning
An environment that supports innovation and creativity
Inspiration to become focused and goal-orientated
Development of superior emotional intelligence through effective and empathetic interpersonal connection
Improvement in cognitive reasoning, analytical skills and memory
Maximum ability for cognitively agility
Applied correctly, students and educators from kindergarten through to secondary school level benefit from enhanced self-control, increased innovation and productivity, better decision making, character development, improved attentiveness and significantly improved insight into self and others. Parents can also benefit by applying certain facets of neuroeducation in the home.It's funny, but when asked about things learnt that have served to be the greatest contribution to their lives most people will not mention anything from schools days. Have you noticed this? I can say that the things I have learnt which have served as a platform for personal growth did not come from the classroom.

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