7 Things To Consider Before Buying New Tyres

Author : Aasu yadav
Publish Date : 2021-04-15 09:54:00
7 Things To Consider Before Buying New Tyres

Tyres of your automotive not only affect its performance but also influence its mileage and overall functioning. Hence, the decision of buying new tyres is a crucial one and can be made fruitful only if the right amount of research and preparation is done before actually taking this call. Here are 7 things one must consider before buying new tyres for their car.

Type of Tyres

Choosing the correct type of tyre for your vehicle depends on the geographical location and conditions that one resides in. There are different types of tyres available in the market — summer, winter and all-weather. For instance, where winters are not so extreme, one can quickly go for all-season tyres.

In such a case, one will not have to change the Yokohama Tyres Newport with change in the seasons and efficiently use the same ones throughout the year.


The warranty period on the tyres varies depending upon the type and the brand that it belongs. The warranty on these must provide for the various risks that the car is prone to — right from defect protection to tread warranty. You need to cross-check every detail about the product you're buying to get the claims made under the warranty period. 

Vehicle Condition

As one tends to realise that their cars’ tyres have started to wear out, one must seek professional help to examine whether there is a need to change the tyres.

This is also crucial because generally, the original tyres of a vehicle tend to provide the most efficient and utmost usage of fuel. So, there’s no point in changing them with the new ones until it has certainly become necessary. Also, it’s essential to check the vehicle manual to get an idea about what size and type of tyres are most compatible with your automotive.


Tyres can be categorised into three types based on their price range — premium, middle-priced, and cheap. Price is also linked to the quality of the materials used and these tyres' performance on the road. 

For instance, the materials used in the case of a cheap tyre may not be that good and hence would undoubtedly impact the car's performance. On the other hand, premium tyres may be expensive for your pocket but would undoubtedly provide enhanced quality and a better grip while driving.

If one wishes to make an economical buy, one can even think of buying them online by opting for cheap tyres Newport

Fuel Economy

At what mileage your car will operate is influenced by the tyres you wish to choose. Economical tyres provide great mileage, but their performance levels can never match the premium tyres' standards.

Hence, it all comes down to whether you wish to go for better performance-oriented tyres or fuel economy. Assess your driving preference before making this decision to get the best value out of your invested bucks. 

Tyre code

A tyre code gives the user a clear idea about its details and the build of the tyre. It tells you information ranging from its width, height to weight ratio, diameter to speed rating, and load rating. 

So, you need to know how to read this information engraved on the tyre's side edge. This will give you details about both of them — the already-in-use tyre and the new one.

Checking on your spare tyre

When deciding to buy new tyres, one must also carefully examine the spare tyre of the vehicle. If it’s also damaged, then it could be replaced along with the main ones. 

But one needs to be extra cautious to ensure that they are buying spare tyres of the same specifications compatible with their vehicle. Make sure to carry out a thorough inspection before you go to replace the spare tyre to avoid any discrepancies in the specifications. 

So you have it all. Now after knowing these factors about purchase of new tyres we are sure that you buy the best fit for your car. 

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